PMR results - 8As

Friday, December 28, 2007
27 December 2007 - Today is the day where all the PMR candidates will be getting their PMR examination results. I arrive at school at 10am in the morning. I admit that i'm feeling nervous and scare when i arrive school. I can see the worrying faces of all the form 3 who are waiting for results like me. Around 10.25am, all the students rushed into the hall to get their results, so do I. There are 10 tables infront of the hall representing 10 classes. I can see my class teacher Pn. Hartini sitting infront there. One by one my friends took their results, some are so happy when they get the results and call their parents immediately, but I can see some of them are not satisfied like one of my friend Yoong Xiang. He is the top student in class and in form from form 1 until form 3 but he only manage to get 6As and 1B. I feel sorry for him as I cant do anything but to comfort him. When it is my turn to take my results, sweat is all around my face. Before taking my results, I signed in a paper to verify that i have taken my results. My heart is beating so fast until Pn. Hartini said congratulations to me. I look at my PMR results and saw a line of As, not 7 but 8As because i took extra subject that is Chinese. I'm so happy as I've achieved my dream, not dream anymore! I thought i'll get maybe 6As or 7As but i managed to get 8As. Immediately I sms my parents and my relatives. All of them congrats me. For me, it's an impossible dream to come true!

I Am Legend - Will Smith

Thursday, December 27, 2007

26th December 2007 - The day before PMR results, Tihn Chern asked his classmates out for a movie including me myself, Nakhieeran, Nicholas Chen and Wong Joe Hang. We watched the new movie 'I am Legend'. In 2009, a virus called Krippin Virus spread throughout the world. It is believed that this virus is created as a cure of cancer by Dr. Alice Krippin. There're 90% infected human in the world, 9.8% survive and 0.2% is immune. The infected survivors transform into an agrresive animal state monster which react painfully to UV radiation. They hide in dark places and only come out at night to hunt. Military virologist Robert Neville (Will Smith) is the only healthy survivor in New York City. He has a dog named Samantha or know as Sam in the movie. Sam died in a tragedy when the infected dogs bite him. Later, he meets a women, Anna and her son, Ethan. Near the ending of the movie, Robert sacrifice himself with a hand grenade to defend Anna and Ethan who are hiding in an old coal chute from the terrifying 'dark-seekers'. 'I am Legend' is certainly a movie that u must watch! It has non-stop action and scary moments. I think i will give a 4 out of 5 star to this movie. It deserves it!

NCO Cadet Camp 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007
~~~~~~~~~~~~ The 10 NCO Camp Fasilitators ~~~~~~~~~~~~

6 - 9 Dec 2007 - I joined the NCO Cadet Camp 2007 organized by the headquarter of St. John Ambulance Malaysia Perak Central Area. The camp was held in SMK Sentosa, Kampar, Perak. We went there by bus. There are approximately 132 members joining and 50 organizing team members. There are 10 groups in this camp whose name are based on the 12 horoscope. I'm from group Capricorn and my teammates are Beh Ching Siong (L), Leong Siew Yin (A.L), Leong Weng Siang, Chin Zhee Yuen, Cheah Ying Kang, Wong Jin Yuen, Looi Kar Yee, Chin Choi Hui, Hing Chen Yee, Teoh Ting Yuen and Yeoh Pei Ying. The Camp Commander of the camp is Mr. Lim Jit Theam while the Asst. Camp Commander is Mr. Yow Weng Kit and Ms. Song Ching Ling. Throughout the camp, we've learned alot of new things from our fasilitator, SGT Tean Zi Yong and gained experience. Besides that, this camp also offered us two badges, the CADET CAMP COURSE badge which are given to us for free and the ORDER OF ST JOHN badge. What I can say is 80% of the things we learned here cannot be learned from school. The punishment here is eXtremely less compared to my school. The third day of the camp, we played for the Commando Cross games which consists of 10 station. Later at night, we've our drama/presentation. My team drama's title is Money Love Money (Love Story). The last day of the camp is the day we wont forget. We had our feedback time and awards. The best team goes to group Cancer, the best male camper goes to Tean Zi Yuen, best female camper goes to Cheah Pui Yen and the best leader ..... (forget). I reach HQ by 6pm that day. This signal the end of the camp but the fellowship of our team will never die!

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