Form 6 Orientation Week

Sunday, May 16, 2010
16 May 2010 - So, I made it to form 6 eventually. I'm gonna blog about the long and tiring orientation week for this post. The first 3 days was quite boring if you were to ask me. After registration, we were directed into the hall and were given talks by those moderators and Penolong Kanan such as Pn. Tan Cheng Choo, Mr Karu and Mr Chong. Childish ice-breaking games were then intorduced to all the lower six students.
3 boring days passed. At least there's some activities that lighten up the day a little. We were divided into classes! Bear and Haw Tung were assigned to LSS2 whereas Yee Lim was assigned to LSA3 along with Sze Ngou. I think he was quite happy for that? I was assigned to LSS4 as I'm choosing Biology. Kar Heng, Tan Kian, Xinh Guan, Mark Ooi and some michaelians were there with me too. I'm grateful for that I admit. Joe Hang was quite down for going into LSS5. He said that no one was there to accompany him.

Miss Ling Lidi (spelling correct?) will be my class teacher and my MUET teacher for this year. I don't know what's wrong with her. I raised up my hand when she asked who are the michaelians last year. She was shocked and said that she never see me before. I mean... what's wrong mann? There are so many students in St Michael's and she told me that she never see me before? =_='' Nevermind, I forgive her.
Friday's the last day of the week. All the subject teachers entered the class and introduced themselves. Pn. Fairoz will be my Pengajian Am teacher. Hong Wei told me if I'm not going for tuition for this subject, I will fail badly. Mr Paul's my Maths T teacher. Pn. Choong, the teacher that I dislike so far, will be teaching me chemistry. She's arrogant and stubborn. She told us that if we followed her lesson with full attention, then tuition is not required. She even asked us whether she looks fierce or not? A loud YES was my reply and she was looking to Mark who was sitting beside me that day. LOL! The one who has yet to show up is my Biology teacher, rumours said that Mr Liew Boon Ket will be teaching my class. It will be great if it's true.

For the overall, I personally felt that the class is lacking of something. Something which I have it last year but it disappeared completely this year. Maybe it's my confidence, maybe its the way I present myself, maybe it's because I'm separated from my close friends, maybe and maybe... I don't know. JPA JPA, when are you showing up?



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