PMR results - 8As

Friday, December 28, 2007
27 December 2007 - Today is the day where all the PMR candidates will be getting their PMR examination results. I arrive at school at 10am in the morning. I admit that i'm feeling nervous and scare when i arrive school. I can see the worrying faces of all the form 3 who are waiting for results like me. Around 10.25am, all the students rushed into the hall to get their results, so do I. There are 10 tables infront of the hall representing 10 classes. I can see my class teacher Pn. Hartini sitting infront there. One by one my friends took their results, some are so happy when they get the results and call their parents immediately, but I can see some of them are not satisfied like one of my friend Yoong Xiang. He is the top student in class and in form from form 1 until form 3 but he only manage to get 6As and 1B. I feel sorry for him as I cant do anything but to comfort him. When it is my turn to take my results, sweat is all around my face. Before taking my results, I signed in a paper to verify that i have taken my results. My heart is beating so fast until Pn. Hartini said congratulations to me. I look at my PMR results and saw a line of As, not 7 but 8As because i took extra subject that is Chinese. I'm so happy as I've achieved my dream, not dream anymore! I thought i'll get maybe 6As or 7As but i managed to get 8As. Immediately I sms my parents and my relatives. All of them congrats me. For me, it's an impossible dream to come true!

I Am Legend - Will Smith

Thursday, December 27, 2007

26th December 2007 - The day before PMR results, Tihn Chern asked his classmates out for a movie including me myself, Nakhieeran, Nicholas Chen and Wong Joe Hang. We watched the new movie 'I am Legend'. In 2009, a virus called Krippin Virus spread throughout the world. It is believed that this virus is created as a cure of cancer by Dr. Alice Krippin. There're 90% infected human in the world, 9.8% survive and 0.2% is immune. The infected survivors transform into an agrresive animal state monster which react painfully to UV radiation. They hide in dark places and only come out at night to hunt. Military virologist Robert Neville (Will Smith) is the only healthy survivor in New York City. He has a dog named Samantha or know as Sam in the movie. Sam died in a tragedy when the infected dogs bite him. Later, he meets a women, Anna and her son, Ethan. Near the ending of the movie, Robert sacrifice himself with a hand grenade to defend Anna and Ethan who are hiding in an old coal chute from the terrifying 'dark-seekers'. 'I am Legend' is certainly a movie that u must watch! It has non-stop action and scary moments. I think i will give a 4 out of 5 star to this movie. It deserves it!

NCO Cadet Camp 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007
~~~~~~~~~~~~ The 10 NCO Camp Fasilitators ~~~~~~~~~~~~

6 - 9 Dec 2007 - I joined the NCO Cadet Camp 2007 organized by the headquarter of St. John Ambulance Malaysia Perak Central Area. The camp was held in SMK Sentosa, Kampar, Perak. We went there by bus. There are approximately 132 members joining and 50 organizing team members. There are 10 groups in this camp whose name are based on the 12 horoscope. I'm from group Capricorn and my teammates are Beh Ching Siong (L), Leong Siew Yin (A.L), Leong Weng Siang, Chin Zhee Yuen, Cheah Ying Kang, Wong Jin Yuen, Looi Kar Yee, Chin Choi Hui, Hing Chen Yee, Teoh Ting Yuen and Yeoh Pei Ying. The Camp Commander of the camp is Mr. Lim Jit Theam while the Asst. Camp Commander is Mr. Yow Weng Kit and Ms. Song Ching Ling. Throughout the camp, we've learned alot of new things from our fasilitator, SGT Tean Zi Yong and gained experience. Besides that, this camp also offered us two badges, the CADET CAMP COURSE badge which are given to us for free and the ORDER OF ST JOHN badge. What I can say is 80% of the things we learned here cannot be learned from school. The punishment here is eXtremely less compared to my school. The third day of the camp, we played for the Commando Cross games which consists of 10 station. Later at night, we've our drama/presentation. My team drama's title is Money Love Money (Love Story). The last day of the camp is the day we wont forget. We had our feedback time and awards. The best team goes to group Cancer, the best male camper goes to Tean Zi Yuen, best female camper goes to Cheah Pui Yen and the best leader ..... (forget). I reach HQ by 6pm that day. This signal the end of the camp but the fellowship of our team will never die!

SMJK Yuk Choy Marching Competition

Monday, November 5, 2007

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Best Leader Award and Silver for Marching ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

4 November 2007 - Today is a day that I cant forget, and i wont forget it. My team have been training for 2 weeks ONLY by Looi Hong Wei, the current Head of Training of St. John SMI, for this St. John Marching Competition organized by the St. John Ambulance of Yuk Choy's Division. There are 2 teams joining in my school. One is my team, consist of Donivald Tham, Teoh Jia Heng, Lim Kin Ho and me myself. Another team is Wong Joe Hang, Teoh Ting Yuen, Fong Teik Sum and Lim Kar Keng. I feel nervous during competition and my heart is beating so fast. After our turn, we look back our marching from Eon Chen's handphone. Hey! Not bad at all, even our trainer, Hong Wei praise us. But it's still very far compare to Joe Hang's team performance. Everybody including the both team from SMI and trainers believed that if SMI is gonna win the competition, it will be Joe Hang's team because our performance during normal training is very poor and their team is 2x better than us, but the results denied it. During prize giving at the end of the competition, my team is so nervous, we think that we wont get a hand on the trophys. But we manage to get the Silver trophy and the man of the match, Donivald Tham as the Best Leader. We not quite believe that because we think that we dont have a chance, not even a little chance for the trophys, but we manage to get it from the 15 teams competing there. I can see my teammates stunned at the moment. The Gold and Bronze grabbed by Division of SMJK Poi Lam. When the silver trophy is in my hands, I can see everybody is looking at us jealously. Haha, it was an unbelievable dream to come true for me. But thank god because i'm not dreaming.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

17 October 2007- Well, i watched this movie today - The Bourne Ultimatum. It's an action movie about a young man called Jason Bourne a.k.a David Webb. Jason Bourne still suffers from bouts of amnesia. The one thing he does remember is that there are people who want him dead. See, the CIA who trained him to be a killer, are still after him. In a way, he's still after himself; Bourne's not all too clear about his identity. So when a reporter offers to help him put some pieces together, Bourne comes out of hiding. But who's good at finding people when they're not hiding? The CIA! And another new organization that wants Bourne dead too! It's a pretty clear ultimatum: Travel across the world to find out who you are, and then get away or get killed. The story line is interesting and there's action and fighting moves in the movie. I will give a 4 out of 5 stars for this movie.

First Job @ NBL Competiton

Monday, September 24, 2007

22 & 23 September 2007 - This is the first job in my life. Just weeks before my PMR, I went for a job with my sister at Stadium Indera Mulia for the National Basketball League(NBL) Competiton. My job is as a ticket collector standing infront of the entrance. Actually my purpose is not to earn money but to gain experience there. I've the opportunity to recognize the Perak Basketball Team - YSL and alot more. I felt happy after the job. Haha!

Thr Raaga Concert Duty

Sunday, August 19, 2007
[18th August 2007] I arrived at Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh at 5.30pm for a duty as a first aider. I regret for coming to this duty when i know that The Magnum Thr Raaga Charity Concert was mainly for Indians. After standing(like statue) infront of the stadium for half an hour, A/L/CPL Yang Jin Wei and I decided to gather some information about the concert by asking the person in charge there. =.='' Later only we knew that the concert starts at 8.00pm. We (Yang Jin Wei, Me, Donivald Tham, Yoong lip Zhang, Eric Ewe, Teoh Jia Heng, Cham Swee Wen, Sahtian and 2 Unknown girl from TCS) were so unhappy because we came 2 hours and 30 minutes earlier. The officer from St. John, Officer Ng(Yuk Choy) finally arrived an hour later.
One hour before the duty starts, Donivald, Jia Heng and the 2 from TCS were instructed by a person incharge there to standby at the operation room while the rest of us were standing near the left entrance to help out if any accident occurs. the 10 of us were divided into 3 groups to 3 different area - outside the stadium, operation room and backstage area. After half an hour standing outside the stadium with Cham, Lip Zhang came and change duty place with me. Yah! I can go to the backstage area. Oh, forgot to tell you, there's a wide LCD screen outside the stadium, when the stadium was full, the people that came late have to stand outside to watch the concert, thats why we have to standby outside the stadium.I was told by the person in charge, RELA members and the officer from time to time that the Indians like to fight and cause trouble, if any thing happens, we need to ensure our own safety.
I went into the backstage area throught the backdoor. I found Jin Wei and stand with him near the stage. The 2 of us were so boring watching at the Indian performers that perform in the stage. Officer Ng will tell Jin Wei the things that happens outside there. Although Jin Wei did not tell me anything, I heard something that was about someone who broke the glass door and a lot of things. Then the officer went out again.
This is where the climax of our duty begins. officer Ng rushed into our duty place. From far away, we can see that his face was very serious and his hands were showing us that he need a first aid kit. Jin Wei and I knew that something was happening. We quickly followed the officer along with our first aid kit. Tak,tak,tak,tak......, we arrived at a scene where small pieces of glasses were everywhere, and blood, REAL blood stained all over the floor, and 2 Indian guys around 40s were handcuffed with the sole of their feet( tapak kaki) bleeding. There were 2 casualty in the scene. Officer Ng and Jin Wei were stopping casualty 1's feet from bleeding while I was checking casualty 2 to see whether there's any injury or not. I felt nervous and panic in that time. I asked casualty 2 : '' Are you okay sir '', but he did not reply me, I noticed that there's a small cut in the feet. One of the RELA members told me that casualty 2 was drunk. Since there was not enough gloves for me to wear, I used a plastic bag to cover my hand and treat the wound. After 10 minutes, we finished our job there. The 2 Indian guys(casualty 1 & 2) were hand over to the police for causing trouble. We were back to our duty place again. Fuh......
According to Officer Ng, it all started when a group of Indians trying to push the glass door with a strong power in order to enter the stadium. A line of RELA members already standing by the entrance. The thought that if the Indians manage to break the lock and enter, they will stop them from entering. Unfortunately, a glass door was pushed down and smashed on the floor. the group of Indians dissapeared within a second. The RELA members managed to catch 2 of the Indians and handcuffed them.
The concert ended around 10.20pm. We were sent by the St. John Ambulance back to the headquarter to ensure our safety. Actually there were a lot of things happened during our duty hours. I cant manage to tell you so much(cuz i'm lazy). I dont know whether I should feel happy or what because this is the first time for a form 3 student to encounter a case like this. I hope that in the future I will be more calm because I've gained experience in this duty.
Who am I? I'm STILL a form 3 SJAM member who cant take the Adult test until next year! You think it's funny? I think so.

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