Saturday, January 29, 2011
28 January 2011 - This is what happened.

I was walking from the school bus stop towards the parlour along the cover pathway after school today. I saw a group of people surrounding a boy who was lying at the basketball court. My initial thought was he had fainted while playing basketball under the hot sun.

There are a few St John members there. I lifted up both his legs to improve blood circulation but Khai Vern told me that the boy had no breathing. I was shocked and I checked for his pulse. His pulse was slow and weak and his heart stop beating. He was lying down without moving his chest and his face/lips were pale blue.

Not long after that, Mr Khiew came and called the ambulance. He said the boy whose name is Tommy had heart problem and he fainted last year but they managed to rescue him. One of the witnesses said that Tommy was playing basketball and he felt uncomfortable out of sudden. I asked Adrian to inform the St John excos who were having their meeting at St John room located on the sixth form block. The excos rushed all the way to the basketball court from the third floor. St John room used to be on the ground floor 2 years ago but my beloved principal, Mr Phoon shifted it with the band room. It was indeed a very very wise decision.

When the excos arrived, I started CPR with Justin. Tommy's face turned red for a while when the resuscitation is going on. We did not stop doing until the ambulance arrived. The paramedics used an oxygen pump to force oxygen into his lungs. The ambulance rushed him to the hospital then.

I returned to school with Chris Chow after 3pm to look for Joe Hang's spectacles. There Jevin told me Tommy had passed away on the way to hospital...

I thought that I managed to save him but I cant.. As a senior instructor of St John in the school, I failed to save him despite all the efforts and hard work.. Just like what Mark told me, God is there protecting him and us. May you rest in peace Tommy...

Thanks to all of you who care about me, I am alright now..

Happy Birthday Kar Heng!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

22 January 2011 - It was a superb Saturday night to celebrate Kar Heng's birthday which falls on the next day. Zi Xuan had planned this celebration weeks ago to give him a surprise. Both of them went to Jusco for a date and then Zi Xuan requested to come to Goodtimes Restaurant for dinner. When both of them arrived, Kar Heng was surprised to see most of us were there waiting anxiously for their arrival. 

We shocked the whole restaurant with the singing of the birthday song to him. He said he was touched till almost cry, almost only la, haha. The food there was awesome but... we saw a small cockroach on the table, the waitress removed it then. However, it's not over yet. Our second encounter was a small bug that looks like a mosquito, it was taking it's 'spa' in the soup. Since it was just a small bug, we ignored it. Not long after that, we noticed another bug crawling on the handle of the pot... OMG!!! totally speechless.. The restaurant really deserve an A for giving customer surprises. (y)

Almost every gatherings or birthday celebrations of my friends were held here. Yee Lim said he was quite bored because he came here last week for Yi Mei's birthday celebration. Haw Tung and Sandra was talking and fighting non stop the whole time. ^^

Chris was playing with Mark's iPhone all the time too. He played a ball game that required him to slice the balls by moving his fingers on the screen. I have a peek on what's he playing and I saw him desperately slicing the fruits that were popping out on the screen. =_= pity Mark....

All the non stops have to end as I have to fetch my younger sister at 10pm. Before I left, we took a group shot so that the all the laughters can remain in the photo. There will be no photos without Mark's DSLR, so... thanks Mark~ ^^ and............

Happy Birthday Kar Heng!

The Leaders of Tomorrow

Saturday, January 22, 2011

18 January 2011 - The annual Installation Day was held today to acknowledge the prefects, librarians and monitors in the school. For the past few years, Installation Day in St. Michael's have no impact on me as a student. I have seen the pledging of them year by year and I have never thought that I will be one of them this year.

This year, the pledging was led by Tihn Chern as the head prefect alongside Kah Chuen and Xinh Guan as the head librarian and head monitor respectively. The prefects' exco were standing behind Tihn Chern and as one of the commission heads, I was standing behind the excos as well. Certificates were then given out the the respective cabinet members of the Prefectorial Board, Board of Student Librarians and Monitorial Board~

My Lower Six Life

Sunday, January 2, 2011
2 January 2011 - Times flies. That's what I can conclude after the long weeks of school holidays. Perhaps it will be the last school holidays I'm having? Before school starts tomorrow, I will be reminiscing my lower six life here and share it with you guys. =)

From the very first orientation week in St. Michael's, I was assigned to LSS4, an acronym for Lower Six Science Four. Tan Kian and Mark were the first two whom I talked to when I first entered the class, followed by Sandra, Yee Mei and the rest. My mood for studying still hanging somewhere when lessons started. I even failed two of the four subjects I am having during my August test. Realised that my laziness may lead to fatal consequences, I worked slightly harder during my October exam and passed all my subjects within the borderline.

Xinh Guan was appointed as the monitor cum Head Monitor in the school whereas Sandra as assistant monitor cum Deputy Head Monitor. Xinh Guan was my 2-year classmate before we came to lower six. To be frank, I was aiming for a monitor post. However, this can't be fulfilled as I have applied to become a prefect before the nomination for monitor. The condition of the class was totally different compared to my previous years in this school. Most of my classmates were from ABC (SMK Aminuddin Baki, Chemor), JPP (SMK Jalan Pasir Puteh) and MC (Main Convent). Although we came from different background, but our rapport are getting stronger day by day~ =)

I have never been a prefect since primary school until lower six, where a sudden urge in me decided to apply to be one. Perhaps it's because the influence of my senior, Hong Wei. I saw the friendliness and the way of doing things among prefects in him. True enough, the entire board is like a family. I still remember my birthday this year where I came late for duties. I was given a late slip by Hong Wei. I was like 'WTH, it's my birthday and I got a late slip =_='. I filled in the slip and passed to Yen Chiew, the deputy lady head at that time. Moments later, she and Kartini passed me back the slip along with a Yummy chocolate candy box. I was touched at that moment. I never thought that the excos knew it was my birthday. T_T. There were some times where conflict arose in the board, but thankfully, all well ends well. =)

Inter-Society Understanding Commission or ISUC. There are 5 commissions in the prefectorial board and I was assigned to this commission. Leadership under my previous commission head, Tzen Shoong was cool. He will be calm and steady whenever anything happens and he taught me to think twice before making any decisions. I am the current commission head and now it's my turn to shape the route for this commission. Thankfully, Nicholas as the commission advisor is always there to advise me and to monitor the commission's progress. =)

I joined badminton club simply because I likes to play badminton. Being appointed as the Treasurer of the club, I can say that this club gives me no stress at all compared to other clubs that I've joined. My best friend Swee Kwan was the president. He became the vice president not long later because according to some teachers, one may not hold 2 president posts as he is the president for ADAMS (Arts, Drama and Music Society) too. A game of badminton once a fortnight on Wednesday definitely boost my stamina and freshen my mind. =)

The editorial board is mainly in charge of the annual school magazine production. To be frank, this club was my second choice as my first choice of joining the photography club was not granted by the admins. Nevertheless, I was appointed as one of the 4 main editors in the school. For the first few months in lower six, I have never imagine the stress that this club could cause me. When we start compiling everything for this year's magazine, it's where my nightmare started. The members of the club including me have to sacrifice our lesson time to collect informations for the magazine. 

However, I did not regret joining this club. It's not because I have high post or my face will appear in the magazine. It's mainly because I've never tried doing things like this in a team, what more the friends I've met in the club? I have to sincerely thank my fellow editors namely Jane Lam, Lai Lin and Nicholas. I am nothing without you guys. =)

I have been a St John member since form one. So my first choice of uniformed unit when I came to lower six of course it will be the same too. Since the only former members in this school was Joe Hang and I, I knew that both of us will be selected to become the president and the vice-president to lead this form six uniformed body. I was selected as the vice-president with Joe Hang alongside me. Meetings were different from what we experienced in the lower form because our sole aim is to teach first aid to the form six members.

I don't know but somehow or rather, I have trained myself to speak with confidence during meetings. Unlike the lower form, there are always questions to be answered by us. That's why we have to prepare ourselves all the time. The only challenges is that we have to prepare what to teach and what to demonstrate a few days prior to the meeting. St John is still a board that I can speak without any pressure in front of the members. To make it short, I enjoyed the most here. =)

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