Jelapang Toll Highway Duty - Motor Accident!

Sunday, September 28, 2008
~~~~~~ Jelapang Tunnel ~~~~~~

28 September 2008 - Fuyoh! Heard of highway duty before? I went for it with Yoong Xiang yesterday (27 September 2008) from 8pm to 8am. Yes, it's from pm to am. 12 hours staying in a room at Jelapang Toll. It's not bad after all, before we went, we stopped by at KFC near our school and get our free boxes of fried chickens. 2 officers who are Malays accompanied us. Encik Ramli as the driver taught us the way to remove and transfer the stretcher from the ambulance when we arrived around 9pm. Around 12 midnight, the two officers were asleep but Yoong Xiang and I were playing with each others handphones. Suddenly (every story sure got the word 'suddenly'), a person with a walkie-talkie on his hand called us and informed us that there've been an accident near North Ipoh Plaza Tol. Upon hearing that, we felt nervous because this was our first time attending highway duty and we were the lucky person to have a case for us. According to my senior, he've been attending highway duty for several times but there was hardly any case for him, but for us... We arrived at the scene 5 minutes later after wearing our gloves and flash jackets. The two officers were handling the casualty who was more serious and both of us were handling the casualty with minor injury. The casualty has a slight injury on his right shoulder, which we suspect was fracture and we apply Elevation Sling for him. Besides that, he was also suffering from a thigh injury and his jaw were bleeding which I managed to prevent it from bleeding continuously with a gauze. Our St John Ambulance transferred the more serious casualty to the Hospital Raja Permaisure Bainun while both of us were waiting for another ambulance to arrive. After 20 minutes, an ambulance from Civil Defence (Pertahanan Awam 991) arrived and they quickly transport him into the ambulance without hesitation. Alright, that's all I can tell you about the case which we encounter. The only thing funny about the whole case was when the Civil Defence left, they forgot to take their first aid kit! In order to protect the kit, Yoong Xiang and I decided to take back to our St John Office in school for the kit's safety. See, we were not only saving the casualty but a fully equipped kit as well! (Sorry, no pictures for the accident xD)

~~~~~~ KFC ~~~~~~

~~~~~~ St John Ambulance AES 911 ~~~~~~

~~~~~~ Jelapang Tunnel Standby Point ~~~~~~

BEWARE!! Danger Everywhere!

Monday, September 22, 2008

21 September 2008 - I went to The Filling Station which is located opposite Digi Center in Greentown for my dinner with some relatives from Singapore after attended duty in Perak Turf Club. As usual, the elder ones with chat for an extremely long time. To avoid such situation, my three cousins which are younger than me, most from secondary schools, and me walked to a darker and more quiet place. We exchanged handphones to play games, listen to musics, etc. We were sitting there for quite a long time there, approximately 30 minutes. Suddenly, a person, which I'd like to refer as 'Coward' managed to slipped behind us and snatch two of our phones. My two younger cousins are struggling with Coward. Upon seeing that, my first thought is kidnap! But then I realised that he is snatching for the phones. I quickly shouted to let my relatives hear and catch him on the shoulder. He managed to take off his jacket - and all I'd got was his jacket. He successfully snatched two phones which belongs to my cousins and ran off the stairs. He fall down but that time I was shocked and terrified. I was going to chase Coward but out of the blue I stopped and watched him running away.

The Problem
1) We should not sit on a dark and quiet place and started playing our handphones. Thus exposed us to danger and unware of our surrounding.
2) I was the only one shouted when I saw Coward, my cousins should shout because I was shocked at that moment and don't know what is going on.

The Effect
We would not look at the world the same thing anymore. Danger is everywhere and anyone could be snatching your things. No faces are familiar in the public.

A Visit To Manjung

Sunday, September 7, 2008
~Different types of knots~
6 September 2008 - Right after St John divisional meeting, I walked straight to YMCA because the officer was waiting for us. Oh yeah, I was attending St John Ambulance proficiency badge courses, namely 'Animal Care' and 'Home Skills' organized by St John Ambulance Manjung Division. The officer for Manjung, Sir Ting Tai Fook fetched Yoong Xiang and I to the Manjung Fire Department because both courses were prepared there. Sir Ting was a friendly man, he keep on chatting with us on the way there. I took us almost 90 minutes to reach there from Ipoh. Well, the courses are quite boring because the room that used for lecturing was hot, stuffy and poor ventilated. I could not concentrate well because I sat too far from the lecturer. My friends were Donivald Tham and Wong Yoong Xiang. We'd been informed that the test paper will be sent to us 7 days later. Nothing much, farewell!

~Yoong Xiang and I~
~Donivald Tham~

National Day Parade

Monday, September 1, 2008

31 August 2008 - Woke up early in the morning around 5.30am and arrived Ipoh Padang around 6.30am. Met my friends from our division there. Oh yeah, I am representing St John Ambulance for the National Day Parade, just like the Michaelian Military Band. There were 25 nursing (female) and 25 ambulance (male) members and I am one of them. Since there were 2 rehearsal before, so it's not weird for me anymore. The St John Ambulance were lead by Sir Chan, an officer from headquarters. Around 8.30pm, we followed the rest of the squad who were also marching into the sea of spectators (the streets). There were approximately 80 squad which consist of around 50 person who involved. All the squads were lead by the first squad - Michaelian Military Band, also known as former Champion for the parade. We walk passed a lot of people. The Grand Stand was located near the police station where all the menteri besar sitting there. Although both the St John Ambulance and the Michaelian Military Band did not manage to get any placing for the parade, but this will surely give a great experience for us. Till next year, ~With pride shall we march~ .

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