Lego Fever

Saturday, December 17, 2011

This is the result of 4 hours non-stop in fixing the oriental style lego building. As life after exam is quite boring, I decided to bring this whole box of lego which was sealed from the outside from my aunt house back to my home. I am suppose to bring it back home 5 years back as my aunt was complaining that no one was playing it. 

The process of finding a tiny piece of lego in the sand of bricks was nerve-wrecking. Sometimes I spent 300 seconds just to find a particular piece but failed, and it appeared out of a sudden when I never had the intention of looking for it. It was fun to experience the same excitement during my childhood in fixing this building. 

See~~! My dad even helped me to search for the bricks I needed. I will not complete the building in merely 4 hours if I am alone without my dad's help. Now there is a new decoration for my living room during Chinese New Year and it's awesome!

I found these miserable pieces of bricks in the box too. This reminded me of the times where I used to play with my younger sister. That was during our primary school time. These pieces used to be her restaurant where the red cone-shaped bricks represent the glasses. I can't believe it is still intact. All these certainly bring back memories.

Remembering Pak Cik Din

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The person on the right is the ice-cream man in St. Michael's. The moment of enjoying the mouth-frosting ice-cream during the hot and sunny afternoon with Eugene and Jin Hong was one of the best memories that I had when I was in the afternoon session. Even though the ice-cream selling business was taken over by another food stall operator, but the feeling of enjoying the simplest yet delicious ice-cream with my dear friends is never there anymore.

The person on the left is Pak Cik Din. He was my bus uncle for 3 years since form 1. The students and I used to call him Din. Looking back at the friendly face of him reminds me of the generous and kind personality of Din. An eye-catching school logo of St. Michael's is attached in front of his tiny bus which can accommodate for around 20 students. He only provide transport for the students of St. Michael's throughout his life. There were a lot of times where I have to chase the going-off bus from the covered-pathway till the mosque.

Sometimes I will sit in the front row and have a little conversation with him as I am almost the last to reach my aunt's house. He used to tell me that 'rumah? kat langit la' when I asked where his house is located, the answer is still the same when I repeated my question a few times, haha. He even told me that he had gone through 8 generations of principals in St. Michael's.

Din was the lab assistant in the school when he was young. He told me that he gave up the post because his brother was unemployed at one time and is desperately looking a job. Din offered his brother his job and resigned. He became a bus driver since then.

I stopped taking his bus when I was in form 4. I heard from my friends that there's one time where his brake failed to function and the whole bus rammed into someone's fence. He stopped driving his old and rusty bus when I was in form 5 in the year 2009.

I really hope I can see him again in the near future...

Photo courtesy of Michaelian Heritage Gallery and

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