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Friday, January 30, 2009

30 January 2008 - First of all, I apologize for not updating my blog for quite a long time. It is not because of my insufficient time or busy schedule. I am not lazy or does not have anything to post either. Gosh, I have a lot of things running through my mind. But for now, I keep it short, simple and (un)light-hearted.

January of a brand new year tend to link with new hope, opportunity and fresh new happenings. But the end of the month this year is associated with the Chinese New Year. First day of new year is the same as usual. I went to my grandma's house to enjoy the simple yet delicious fiesta. It was not until late night that cold and stomach ache attack me. My whole body was shievering even without the fans on. Rush to hospital out-patient clinic for a check up. Everything was fine. Minor fever with a little stomach discomfort. What else can make Ivan fall for it?

Not to describe the environment during CNY. Nobody else will care and read what am I blogging here. Thoughts running through my mind for a million times. Which path to choose after my SPM. Not many people same age as me will think about their future, what they wants or when to fulfill their dreams. Pressure and stress will not be excuses for me to spoil myself. I have to determine what I want and how to achieve it. It is not because I am too optimist or overjoy, great man in the olden days think before they do, not do while they are thinking. I learned to grow up.

Electro Fantasy. Fantasy is something that is unrealistic and normally generated by science fiction or other supernatural power. But by combining Electrical energy and Fantasy, we can make it real and believe me, I will. Electro Fantasy for my blog basically means the hope and dreams that I am and I will achieve will come true. As I have explained earlier on my previous blog post, 2009 is full of challenges and the undecided paths which lies underneath. Different people look at the same picture through different perspective. Welcome to my perspective.

If you played through Need for Speed: Undercover (which most of you will never touch or heard of that game), the sudden betrayal of Chase Linh to you will become a sudden loss of direction and you are left to play freely, which you never like it that way. What I emphasize here is the friends of our choices affects most of our lifestyle and daily attitude. I have a friend who is funny and friendly when I met him, but grown up to become a lost children of the shadow. That kind of person will never get to know the path that he will be going to. Goodbye!

Flowers will attract butterflies while cow dunk will attract flies and worms. You are what you made of. By observing the friends that mixed with you, you can get a simple picture on how you looks like. Needless to mention, the way you grumbles on why the rotten doughnuts (I like doughnuts instead of apples) mix with you all the time is because you are one of them too. Wake up!

A blog post is just a person typing words on the world wide web. But how the blog post will affect your life depends on the way you look at me. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to influence anyone and I don't think I have the ability to do so. Till next time. TQ

P.S: Whoever spam my CBox please stop doing so. Grow up!

One of the Great Michaelian's post...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
6 January 2009 - Today is the second day of schooling and the second post for my blog this year. Time flies when you did not notice it. Looking back at the years, I can't help but wonder how much have I grown, how much have I learnt, how much have I tried doing, how much have I done and how much have I achieved. Who am I today, I am a teenager struggling for survival in this cruel year of SPM like anyone else does. Welcome to 2009. This may be the last year of my schooling life in St. Michael's Institution. Yesterday was the first day of school. Despite the boring and non-spirited speech by Mr Phoon Chong Chee, he announced the school theme for the year 2009.

We, Michaelians, Aspire To Establish A School Community Characterised By Integrity, Accountability and Mutual Respect. We Hold True To The Distinctive Brand Of The La Sallian Tradition Which Stands For High Personal And Academic Standards, Excellent Moral Tone And Discipline. These Are Achieved Through A Strong Spirit Of Faith, Zeal and Service To The Community.
At least the sentences above was the ONLY thing I have been concentrating on throughout the assembly and I have memorized it successfully. 'Thank you' Mr Phoon. Mentioning about 5sc4 - The same class I have been for one year now, it has transformed from a dull and unattractive crow to a striking and blazing phoenix, at least that was what I have been thinking. There are 2 reasons for me to mention that:
1) My class teacher has been changed from Puan Wan Norliza to Cik Siti Noraisyah. So....? Well, Puan Norliza has a liking to talk non-stop during Physics classes and most of the student were either fishing (sleeping) or becoming deaf temporary (doing their own work). Whose fault is it..? OURS! We are so unlucky to have her as our class teacher. Although she is a very nice person, but by the end of the day, results, flexibility and effectiveness come first. And let's hope that Cik Siti Noraisyah with a never-ending smile on her face will handle our class well.
2) Several subject teacher has been changed. Puan Nor Hamisah has taken over Mr Woon Fook Sim's job as the Add Maths teacher for my class. The first lesson from her was not that bad after all. Besides that, Puan Shaw Wanni has replaced Puan Azura as the class' Sejarah teacher. Since she taught me when I was form 3, I knew that she is a responsible and caring teacher who will educate the class well. Puan Wong Chin Fui has gone! She was my Moral teacher for almost half year in form 4. Famous for her boring-ness and known for her ineffective teaching skills, she was replaced by Mr Panir. Last but not least, Mr Chong, our discipline master has replaced my former class teacher for Physics. OMG! Is this a bad or good news? Let's hope that he won't skip our classes in the future because of some discipline case.
These 2 reasons are good enough for me to carry out my form 5 live peacefully, or at least I think so. Good luck and God bless in 2009. Thanks for reading, and do leave a comment.
Speech from teachers that will make you say the word: SWEAT =.='' for the year 2009 goes to...
''Someone must have wished me during christmas to be your class teacher this year. Congratulations, your wish came true,''
- Cik Siti Noraisyah -

St John Ambulance SMI on the web!

Sunday, January 4, 2009
3 January 2009 - Access and know more about the St John Ambulance of St Michael's Institution anywhere you like. At your house, in your room, at your nearby cybercafes! A new friendster profile and a new blog in Blogger™ have been created towards this new year of 2009. Can't explain much here, check it out yourselves, and do leave a comment!

Friendster Profile - www.friendster.com/sjamsmi4ever

Oh yeah, we do have a group - SMI ST JOHN on friendster too. But I don't think you have much interest on it. Haha, members only.

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