Prefect Room Cleanup

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

28 December 2010 - The once in a blue moon prefect's room cleanup was held today. The room was abandoned by the prefects for years. Cobwebs and layer of dust could be seen on every corner of the room. The cleanup was held from 9am to 12noon.

Since the size of the room is just average compared to the classrooms, so only the prefect cabinet members were involved. However, only half the number of the cabinet members were there. Thankfully, Swee Kwan came to help us too~ =)

Tihn Chern Deborah R.J. Kevin 
Mark Nicholas Swee Kwan
Chee Hoe Kar Heng Ting Yuan

Really appreciate the time with you guys in cleaning up the room~ especially the jokes by both head and deputy head~ LOL

Let's Get Wet

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

20 December 2010 - Just days before Christmas, I went to Kledang Hill in Menglembu with some of my friends for hiking. The photo above was shot when we reached the garden, half way till the peak of the hill. 6 of us including Haw Tung were there. He went home early to fetch someone I think.

The name of this event in Facebook was funny:
at menglembu hill of couse is hiking la! if not? got there bath mea? ==!
creatively created by Yee Lim~ 

From the moment we arrived, the sky turned cloudy and drizzle. As we were walking, the rain getting heavier and heavier. The whole journey turned out to be a raining-hiking experience for all of us. 

I heard a very hilarious word from Haw Tung during the journey... Yee Wing Hoe aka Iceman as most of the people called him, is Yee Lim's classmate. Haw Tung address him as 'Icy Gor Gor' during our break at one of the resting place. Hahahahahahahahaha~ ^^

December KL Trip

Monday, December 13, 2010
11 December 2010 - Went for a 2-day trip in KL with my family. Basically just hunting for clothes and foods, not me, but my mom and sisters~ ^^

Went to Thai Thai Restaurant for lunch when we arrived Sunway Pyramid. My pineapple shrimp rice was nice but the amount was quite little for me. LOL. The price there also not cheap~

Not to mention the condition there. The lighting perfectly suits the environment with some simple Thai touch.

This is the decorations outside the pyramid. Quite simple but at least better than Ipoh. Santas could be seen anywhere in the town~

I spotted this dooodolls stickers in MPH. There are some dooodolls for sale too but quite expensive for poor boy like me to afford~

Domo keychain for phones! I lost my domo on the second day after i bought it. T_T

At last but not least, I saw JOE at 1Utama. He was wearing the orange S&J shirt. I don't know what is he doing, he keep walking up and down through the escalators. He even ignored me when I called him =_=!

Note: S&J is the abbreviated form for Shan&Joe ^^

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