Conversation and Consolation

Thursday, May 28, 2009
27 May 2009 - The comments by my Sejarah teacher, Pn. Shaw Wanni...

SW: Ivan, come here.. (distributing Sejarah paper 2)
SW: Class, did the sejarah paper asking you who is your Sejarah teacher?
SW: Ivan.....Ivan...
SW: As far as I know, you have been a very good boy when I taught you in form 3. But I have to tell you honestly, from the first day in my class this year, you have been talking non-stop.. You mixed around with the wrong people..(looking at Jashen). You tell me that you deserved to get that mark for your paper 1 or not?
ME: Yes.......
SW: You are a very smart boy, and in fact, you are very handsome too...
SW: I mean he is presentable right? At least he is better than some of you here. Ivan, I have to tell you seriously, you will be going downwards right after you finish you SPM. Do you know that you are digging your own grave?
SW: And now you are doing things like this. 32/40 marks is very good, but you are soooo kind-hearted and that makes you get the marks you deserved.. And you did the same thing on your paper 2, writing my name, so is it fair if i deduct 10 marks from your paper?
ME: Yes.....
SW: You show that to your mother and if she is not satisfied, ask her to come and talk to me..

Zero Lesson

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

26 May 2009 - So many things has been happening lately. The piles up troubles were enough to make me headache. However, the problems aren't just problems when you did not realise your mistake and what you are doing. For the first time ever, I get a big 0 for my Sejarah paper 1. The excuse given by teacher was I am the main supplier for answers to the people surrounding me. It's undeniable because the person sitting behind and beside me were getting the same marks with me. Geez! I was totally speechless that time. DAMN

The second part is, I realised that I have changed a lot since form 1. The change towards a more bad and more uncomfortable ME. Maybe it was the friends that I mix around with that influences me. But there is one thing for sure, I strongly believe that the friends around you makes your character. To make things simpler, what your friends do and what friends you are mixing with are what you are. A change of character can be good or vice versa. I feel like going back time and look at what I've behaved throughout my schooling life.

Busy Weeks

Saturday, May 23, 2009
23 May 2009 - A very busy and tiring 2 weeks for me. Although the exam has yet to finish, with the remaining one day, but i feel like screaming my heart out. I have been revising and studying for the past two weeks, which I have never done it before. WHY? Well, it's the final preparation before I face the SPM trials.
From what I can say about myself is:
1) A day before exam study is extremely insufficient time.
2) Too late and too rush for the not too prepared examinations.
3) Realised that by doing exercises is more effective than reading without aim.

I expect all my papers to pass but if we are talking about A1s, then I'm afraid that I will be disappointed. Ivan Tan, study smart la next time, don't regret later...

Voice Out to Laugh Out

Saturday, May 9, 2009
9 May 2009 - I have came across a blog post of my friend which i think it was 80% true facts and 20% laughing factor in it. I can't stop laughing when i read the post. The post was posted by my buddy, the 'great Donivald Tham'. Enjoy the blog post below:

Nut Heads
I've always hated the counselors in my school. They kept organizing speeches and motivational talks that is a total wastage of time and crap. Maybe they are too free cause no one's asking them for counseling. They kept talking bout how great they are and how much power they have. They said that they can write bad remarks on our certs and we'll have trouble getting into university therefore we'll regret and come back to ask them to change their remarks. They even said that everyday 2-3 parents meet them to beg them to change their remarks. Total CRAP. I hate how they exaggerate too much bout their power and stuff. They are plain stupid and useless if you ask me. Everyday you see them threatening students that they will call their parents and blacklist them. Get a life idiots =.= Really, I'm so pissed off by them today. They dare to call themselves counselors when all they do is make life miserable for us students? Go to hell. Especially the thick face counselor and boobs-woman counselor. Grrrr.. Hope someone puncture their tires later.

Hope you enjoy reading it =D
Link: Blazing HOT: Nut Heads

The Climb and The Fall

Friday, May 8, 2009
8 May 2009 - Mid-year examination will be next week, and that will be the final examination for me in my 5-year schooling term. The final battle, before going for trials and finally, the (not-so) much awaited SPM. My preparation? I think it will be 60%. I have not fully focusing on my form 4 and most of the teachers in form 4 are too 'good' that I don't even understand what were they teaching so far. I think I will have to buck up on my form 4 syllabus.

507 Perak State Assembly?
Just stop the drama and get to work! If they are really working and serving the Rakyat, then they should be concentrating on the peace and harmonious life in Perak, not creating troubles and bring more chaos in it. When are you guys going to wake up?


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