100 Years SJAM Celebration @ Dataran Merdeka

Monday, December 15, 2008
~ Pusat Latihan Polis (PULAPOL) ~

14 December 2008 - I love adventure. That's why I joined the 100 years celebration of St John Ambulance in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur on the 14th December 2008. We departed from St John headquarters by bus at approximately 6.45am on 12th December.
The journey to the training ground, or known as Pusat Latihan Polis (PULAPOL) took 3 hours. St John members from various states were also participating in this meaningful and historical centennial celebration. Around 40 members and 3 officers from our state were participating.

~A Picturesque View from PULAPOL~

First Day (12th December 2008):
We arrived at PULAPOL around 10.30am. From what I can observe there, the police training center is a place where police trainee are carrying out their training. We were not allowed to walk on the huge training center and were forced to march, haiz. The president of this 100 years celebration event was Mr V.S. Maniam.
~ Free water! Anyone? ~
A brief introduction was given by the strict-looking, middle age man. He emphasized on the discipline and cooperation among the members from different states with the organizing team *yawn*. After lunch, rehearsal was done in the guidance of an ex-army officer, Mr C.S. Chandran, Head of Training for SJAM. Well, guess what? Teik Sum 'blackout' during the 3-hour rehearsal *^^*, HEY YOU, stop teasing! Dinner was quite good, unlimited rice and curry chicken up for grabs, apple is a must for every meal *yummy*. After dinner was briefing again from Mr Maniam. He thank us for supporting this celebration and express his delightment for our burning spirit during the rehearsal. We were supposed to spend our night at the hostel at PULAPOL but due to insufficient beds *swt*, we have to walked to Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), which is located next to the training center, for our accomodation at the hostel. My roommates were Donivald and Kin Ho. Before sleeping, we even play cards with Kar Chun, a from 3 members from SMK Jalan Pasir Puteh *haha* (JPP). Lights out - 12.oo midnight.

Second Day (13th December 2008):
I'll make it short. Woke up at 5.00am because we must be ready to walk to PULAPOL at 5.30am. Breakfast was splendid, char kuetiaw and hard boiled eggs plus orange juice. Well, actually the orange juices is not for us, we sat on the bench for the police*haha*. The second rehearsal was quite fun, it was held at Merdeka Square aka Dataran Merdeka.
~ National Sergeant Major - Chandran ~
After the rehearsal, we went back to PULAPOL for some rest and lunch. Kinda boring this day, rehearsal after rehearsal. As usual, nothing will make a marching rehearsal perfect without a few soft-nuts dropping down.
~Believe me, it's Different When you Look Directly Onto It~

After dinner was 8.00pm. That means we still have plenty of time before lights out. Sir Leong, our officer in charge, decided to let us enjoy by going to KLCC *yay*! 1 hour shopping and loitering there makes everyone feel better.

Action Day (14th December 2008):

It's the 14th December! It's the reason why we are here! It's action day! We changed to our uniform after cleaning up and get ready for the journey to Dataran Merdeka once again. Like what we've done for the rehearsal, we marched towards the parade full of pride and excitement. The deputy health minister and a few high ranking officer including Dato' Low Bin Tick, Pemerintah Agung SJAM were invited to witness this meaningful event.
~The Historical Clock Tower located Opposite Dataran Merdeka~

The national anthem and St John song were sang. Before that, 26 buses from the International Cadet Camp (ICC) drove in and joined us for tis celebration, Can you imagine that? It's approximately 1000+ members from Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and a few countries. After the march pass, speech were given by the deputy health minister and Dato' Low Bin Tick. The celebration was officially over at 10.00am *phew*. We changed to our casual and went to Time Square to enjoy after 3 tiring days. Oh, did I mention that Sir Leong fainted during the celebration? He fell straight backwards and has to be carried out with a stretcher.

I like the meals served at PULAPOL! it's unlimited and tasty. Can i have more? I witnessed the different types of uniform and badges from various states. The 4 commanders' voice were amazing. I can't describe it. It's like he's shouting command from Old Town Kopitiam opposite SMI and you can hear it clearly on the basketball court. History has been made and this signify the 100 years celebration of St John Ambulance in Malaysia.
~ CPR Demonstration ~

The 9 person participating from my school were:
Cheah Wai Hoong
Looi Hong Wei
Wong Joe Hang
Fong Teik Sum
Ivan Tan Tek Ming (ME)
Lim Kin Ho
Looi Hong Tat
Donivald Tham Kam Loy
Cham Swee Wen

~Look What I've Found~

Happy Birthday Vincent!

Friday, December 5, 2008
~ Birthday Boy (left), Vincent Tang Choon Beng ~

HaPpY BirThDaY
5 December 2008 - That's all from me! Went to Ipoh Parade KBox to celebrate Vincent's birthday which falls on 7th December. Guess what? A so call 'chocolate cake' was bought by Soon. That cake was.. ahem, DAB (read it backwards!).


Friday, November 28, 2008
Got this tag from Yoong Xiang and Sze Ngau's blog and I found it was quite interesting . xD
So here's the rules :

Choose 7 friends, upload individual pictures of them, type out their names and write the 7 things you love or hate about them! Tag 7 people after that! ( I chose as many friends as I like! )

Alan Beh Peng Cheng

Love: Friendly, Caring, A friend you can trust, Simple
Hate: Too emotional (sometimes), Can be easily fooled! , Curious

Vincent Tang Choon Beng

Love: Friendly, Funny, Simple
Hate: Always fong fei kei, His don't care about everything attitude, yamjin face!

Nike Phang Yee Lim

Love: Friendly, Extremely-funny, Understanding, His good-to-everyone attitude
Hate: When I figure it out only tell you ..

Donivald Tham Kam Loy

Love: Funny, Simple, Good leader, Capable of doing 'anything', Always smile
Hate: Proud of himself sometimes ( which make others talk bad about him, not me! )

Calvin Tan Sze Ngau

Love: Friendly (sometimes), Cool?
Hate: Play truant frequently, Serious when he is not funny, Rules-breaker

Tikuz Wong Yoong Xiang

Love: Helpful, Responsible?
Hate: Selfish (sometimes), Face problem?

Wong Joe Hang

Love: Funny, Caring
Hate: Pessimist, Suspicious mind, Hard to predict, Angry because of minor stuff, Bully

Fong Teik Sum

Love: Friendly, Good in studies, Know how to differentiate good and bad (which many don't)Hate: yet to be discovered...

Jason Lim Kin Ho
Love: Friendly, Funny, Optimist, Simple

Hate: His so called DkDc (dont know dont care) attitude

Chuah Teong Hui

Love: Friendly, Cool, Brave at doing stupid and funny things
Hate: Bossy, Play truant frequently, lazy

The beginning of holidays, the beginning of sufferings

Sunday, November 16, 2008
~ Where is my Nike Phang 妹妹? ~
16 November 2008 - The beginning of holidays, the beginning of sufferings. That's what it is for me. It is mainly because of,

1) St John Training. No holidays again for me this year because I'm involved in the competition team trainings.
2) Boring. What can I do during the holidays at home? I can't be reading and revising my form 4 syllabus the whole day...
3) Friends. Can't meet my friends in school. Less talking and enjoying time with them. I'm sure all of you miss your friends too..

Nothing else, no mood for blogging.

Primary School Class of 2004 Reunion Dinner

Monday, November 3, 2008
~ Memories Alive ~

~ Me, Anthony, Kah Keen, Sze Ngau, Kit Kei ~

1 November 2008 - This is the first reunion dinner from Class 6(1) to 6(8). You guess, we are the batch of class 2004 from SJK(c) Yuk Choy. That means it has been 4 long years after we've graduated from primary school 4 years ago. The venue for this reunion is Greentown MP, the restaurant located near Ipoh Parade. A few of my friends and I walked there from Ipoh Parade at approximately 5.50pm and we arrived at 6.05pm. I expected some of my old classmates to arrive early but when we reached there, no one has arrive yet.. I saw plenty old friend there, boys and girls, but most of the boys are from my school. We entered a room inside MP at 7.30pm. The price per person + tax is around RM31.00, Ouch! After dinner, we had a small chat outside MP, then I followed some of my friends to Junction Kopitiam @ Ipoh Parade. We went home quite late.. swt!

Here are some of my old friends that I've met (excluding SMI) :
1) Chin Kah Keen
2) Seng Choon
3) Anthong Chong
4) Wu Wei Ming
5) Phon Kit Kei
6) Lee Hoi Yen
7) Ooi V-tjen
8) Yi Xinn
9) Lee Elynn
10) Many many more friends that I can't remember their names....
P.S: Yi Xin told us that she like someone from my class, 4sc4, the person is a band member, I wonder who was that person.. hmm

~ We are from the same class when we were standard 5, Oh, next year I will be form 5, OMG! ~

~ Freaks from SMI, where is Ong Jin Hong? ~

~ Oh, here he is ~

~ They were from 6(7), who is that person laughing behind? ~

~ LOLZ, lucky Woei Hong ~

GameAxis October Letter of the Month

Saturday, November 1, 2008

~ CABAL Online Limited Edition Box Set ~

22 October 2008 - I received my GameAxis magazine for this month. Not bad after all, there are approximately 11 reviews for this month's hot games. What really grab my attention was the game 'Spore, the origin of species'. The same creator of The Sims. It told us how fun a game can be when you can create your own creatures and modify them according to your liking. There are some gamers who shape the creature just like Starwars series and animal-like creature. I will definitely purchase the game when it hits the store. I've entered a contest for a chance to get a free CD on GameAxis August issue and I found out that I was among the 10 lucky winners who get the prize. My friend, Yee Yang managed to get the prize too with the nickname: Deric Lee. Well, the letter of the month gifts will be claimed by my parents when they are going to KL this month. Below is the letter, let's see..

Hi there,

This is my first time writing to GameAxis. This magazine contains so much fun within. The magazine cover for September issue of GameAxis was awesome and attractive. SPORE, the origin of species, the game is not that bad after all, isn't it? From what I can see through the magazine, Spore is just another game of fantasy and adventure. It gives me the idea that this game is somehow.. a bit childish (suit me =.='). The characters are funny too. I think I will try it when the game release. Well, since GameAxis are looking forward for some improvement in this issue, please allow me to present my point of view towards this. (The game survey on page 40 does not allow readers to comment their own ideas -__-)

1) GameAxis should remind about the advantages readers will get when they subscribe to this magazine such as cheaper and the chances to get free gifts.

2) The magazine cover for GameAxis should be attractive all the times like this issue. The previous August issue's cover - Warhammer Online is dull and unattractive from the shelves.

3) Gameaxis.com does not contain much about Malaysia's GameAxis magazine. The search results are all from the Singapore version magazine. Although it contains many information about the games...

4) I agreed with the letter of the month saying that the game reviews are mostly from consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360. Are you telling us that there are no new games from PC too?? (I saw plenty of new games from PC Gamer magazine)

5) Gamers would be glad to receive FREE booklet or game disc from GameAxis. Just like the previous issue, we get free disc from Cabal Online and booklet about the World Cyber Games (WCG). Here's my idea, minus 2 page from the magazine and continue the poster giveaway that everyone loves. (xD)

Well, that's all I can comment about GameAxis survey. I'm looking forward to more improvements and updates from this magazine. Hope you guys will appreciate this.


P.S: Since I've won the letter of the month for GAX June issue using the email and nickname: HeartBreakKid, I'm using my sister's email to send this letter. xD

~ GameAxis October Issue ~

~ DVD Game Client, Magnificent Scroll of Neverath, Playing Cards, Graphic Art Book, Glittering Force Core ~

~ Dragon Throne PC Game, Piece of Love CD, N.E.R.D Seeing Sounds CD, Mariah Carey iPod Skin ~

SMI Co-curriculum Day 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008
23 October 2008 - Today was the annual Co-curriculum Day for my school. Varieties of uniformed unit, clubs and societies were displaying and presenting the uniqueness of their respective extramural activities. Class 3A9 was selected for the St John Ambulance. We had around an hour to prepare before the students started walking in at 9.00am. We divided the room into a few sections, mainly Simple Bandaging, CPR, Choking, Achievements, Theory, Photo Gallery and Case.

My team which consists of Donivald Tham, Lim Kin Ho, Teoh Jia Heng and me myself demonstrated around 5 to 8 short cases for the sea of spectators. We were not good for the cases mainly because we were lacking of training. Oh yea, Kin Ho and Hong Tat were in charged for first aid kit presentation too, here is the photo:

From what I can see today, the Chinese Language Society (CLS) did a very good job. They managed to equip their class with loads of stuff. Lanterns were hung inside the class, chinese calligraphy was placed outside the class with newspapers to allow other students to get their hands on. They even make 'tang yuan' and sold for RM1.00 per cup. Splendid! The Michaelian Military Band (MMB) displayed their precious instruments in Class 3A5 too. The instruments were put on the tables and brief explanation about them were printed out. They band members had their performance at approximately 11.00am. Well Done!

P.S: I did not take any photos during the Co-curriculum Day mainly because to show a good example for juniors by not playing with handphones.

Final Year Examination

Sunday, October 19, 2008

18 October 2008 - It has been two weeks for my final year examination, a long and tiring two weeks. That means my journey for year 2008 is almost end, but the game is not over yet. This indicated the start of something new in year 2009 and more challenges ahead. Frankly speaking, my study for this year is not as good as expected. I even failed my Chemistry on August Monthly Test. For this final year examination, 'average' is what I can give for the overall exam. I have no problem for my English and Bahasa Melayu but i faces difficulties for boring and uninteresting subjects such as Sejarah, Chemistry and Physics. After Mr Thong left us in May this year, my Additional Mathematics level dropped. I had to depends on my tuition and hard work to study as Mr Woon is teaching too fast and the combined class is too noisy. For Physics, you can ask any of my classmates whether the teacher is a good teacher or not. My Modern Mathematics, Bahasa Melayu and English are safe for now. Just hope that my results for this time will be better compared to last time, and no fail(s) please...
(I'll attach my results when it's out)

Jelapang Toll Highway Duty - Motor Accident!

Sunday, September 28, 2008
~~~~~~ Jelapang Tunnel ~~~~~~

28 September 2008 - Fuyoh! Heard of highway duty before? I went for it with Yoong Xiang yesterday (27 September 2008) from 8pm to 8am. Yes, it's from pm to am. 12 hours staying in a room at Jelapang Toll. It's not bad after all, before we went, we stopped by at KFC near our school and get our free boxes of fried chickens. 2 officers who are Malays accompanied us. Encik Ramli as the driver taught us the way to remove and transfer the stretcher from the ambulance when we arrived around 9pm. Around 12 midnight, the two officers were asleep but Yoong Xiang and I were playing with each others handphones. Suddenly (every story sure got the word 'suddenly'), a person with a walkie-talkie on his hand called us and informed us that there've been an accident near North Ipoh Plaza Tol. Upon hearing that, we felt nervous because this was our first time attending highway duty and we were the lucky person to have a case for us. According to my senior, he've been attending highway duty for several times but there was hardly any case for him, but for us... We arrived at the scene 5 minutes later after wearing our gloves and flash jackets. The two officers were handling the casualty who was more serious and both of us were handling the casualty with minor injury. The casualty has a slight injury on his right shoulder, which we suspect was fracture and we apply Elevation Sling for him. Besides that, he was also suffering from a thigh injury and his jaw were bleeding which I managed to prevent it from bleeding continuously with a gauze. Our St John Ambulance transferred the more serious casualty to the Hospital Raja Permaisure Bainun while both of us were waiting for another ambulance to arrive. After 20 minutes, an ambulance from Civil Defence (Pertahanan Awam 991) arrived and they quickly transport him into the ambulance without hesitation. Alright, that's all I can tell you about the case which we encounter. The only thing funny about the whole case was when the Civil Defence left, they forgot to take their first aid kit! In order to protect the kit, Yoong Xiang and I decided to take back to our St John Office in school for the kit's safety. See, we were not only saving the casualty but a fully equipped kit as well! (Sorry, no pictures for the accident xD)

~~~~~~ KFC ~~~~~~

~~~~~~ St John Ambulance AES 911 ~~~~~~

~~~~~~ Jelapang Tunnel Standby Point ~~~~~~

BEWARE!! Danger Everywhere!

Monday, September 22, 2008

21 September 2008 - I went to The Filling Station which is located opposite Digi Center in Greentown for my dinner with some relatives from Singapore after attended duty in Perak Turf Club. As usual, the elder ones with chat for an extremely long time. To avoid such situation, my three cousins which are younger than me, most from secondary schools, and me walked to a darker and more quiet place. We exchanged handphones to play games, listen to musics, etc. We were sitting there for quite a long time there, approximately 30 minutes. Suddenly, a person, which I'd like to refer as 'Coward' managed to slipped behind us and snatch two of our phones. My two younger cousins are struggling with Coward. Upon seeing that, my first thought is kidnap! But then I realised that he is snatching for the phones. I quickly shouted to let my relatives hear and catch him on the shoulder. He managed to take off his jacket - and all I'd got was his jacket. He successfully snatched two phones which belongs to my cousins and ran off the stairs. He fall down but that time I was shocked and terrified. I was going to chase Coward but out of the blue I stopped and watched him running away.

The Problem
1) We should not sit on a dark and quiet place and started playing our handphones. Thus exposed us to danger and unware of our surrounding.
2) I was the only one shouted when I saw Coward, my cousins should shout because I was shocked at that moment and don't know what is going on.

The Effect
We would not look at the world the same thing anymore. Danger is everywhere and anyone could be snatching your things. No faces are familiar in the public.

A Visit To Manjung

Sunday, September 7, 2008
~Different types of knots~
6 September 2008 - Right after St John divisional meeting, I walked straight to YMCA because the officer was waiting for us. Oh yeah, I was attending St John Ambulance proficiency badge courses, namely 'Animal Care' and 'Home Skills' organized by St John Ambulance Manjung Division. The officer for Manjung, Sir Ting Tai Fook fetched Yoong Xiang and I to the Manjung Fire Department because both courses were prepared there. Sir Ting was a friendly man, he keep on chatting with us on the way there. I took us almost 90 minutes to reach there from Ipoh. Well, the courses are quite boring because the room that used for lecturing was hot, stuffy and poor ventilated. I could not concentrate well because I sat too far from the lecturer. My friends were Donivald Tham and Wong Yoong Xiang. We'd been informed that the test paper will be sent to us 7 days later. Nothing much, farewell!

~Yoong Xiang and I~
~Donivald Tham~

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