A Visit at Chemor Temple

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, except a little bit of drizzle. I went to a temple in Chemor as my aunt said it is a very nice place for prayers. Some of my friends went there too prior to STPM last year. The management of the temple offers monetary rewards for each A that you get in UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM, with the condition that you register your name first before you sit for your respective exams.

The name for the temple is actually Kuil Seen Hock Yeen, located at Lot No. 20470, Kampung Cik Zainal, Chemor. I have heard of this temple for quite some time but I have not really visited it until today.

It is a Chinese oriental-style buildings and there is a huge lake at the center of the temple. From Tasek, we traveled all the way straight to Chemor. By the second traffic light at the town, we turned right and after the flyover, we turned left immediately and drove along a small road, the temple is located on the right side of the road.

One word to describe the scenery there - PICTURESQUE! It is not like any other temples because the surrounding is so attractive and there is no traffic around the place. The place is so peaceful that you will forget what is happening in the outside world.

Various deity and statues of the God and Goddess are there. I don't think it is cheap for the maintenance work to be carried out as the land is big. Some generous and rich people must be donating to build the facilities there. It has a history of 32 years since its inception in 1980.

Statues resembling the twelve animals in the Chinese Twelve Zodiac are there too, along with a small box beside each animals for donations. Of course I donated some to the monkey~ =P

Found yours?

Before we left, we went to another section, the Eighteen Lohan Temple. Lohan is something like 'monk' and they are famous for their unique personality in the Chinese history. 

It is a definitely place worth visiting and I am surely you will be amazed~


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