Indian Dance Competition

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Initially I thought this is the first time I am joining a dance competition, but my mom reminded me that I had a dance on stage before when I was in my kindergarten year. We have trained in preparation for this competition for almost 2 weeks and finally this is the time to perform in front of the 100+ audience. Our batch has sent out 2 teams for the Western and Indian Dance category~

The moment before our turn, I can feel the pressure and anxiety shooting up my head and I was sweating all the time, we were representing our batch for the Indian Non-Classical dance category! It was not an easy process for me as I am not experienced in dancing, more so in an Indian dance competition~

The shy guy here is Jing Yang, the one who sit beside me in class. He is joining the Western dance group too. Their dance is incredibly superb but maybe other teams are better, they did not get any placing =(

There are some mistakes and forgotten moves which I had done but throughout the entire dance, it was a real enjoyable moment especially when I heard cheers and screams in the packed auditorium. Our effort and hard work paid off! Sadly our group did not get any placing too for this competition but I treasure the journey which brought me till this far.


Siong Keat


Onion & Garlic

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Onion & Garlic is the name for the band formed by my batchmates and they got first runner up for the western group singing competition!! It was a tough competition especially when strong teams from various batches are showing off their talent in this lovely Sunday evening. My indian non-classical dance is supposed to be held on the same day but it was postponed due to rain.

Their singing is real awesome and the song could not even get off from my head for days! Both Siong Keat and I are in the photo because we were their human mic stands, sitting and holding the mic for 5 minutes without moving a single muscle and without getting pay >_<

Congrats again Phuah Sheng, Elyn, Seh Ying, Daniel and Pui Yi~ =)

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