Distribution of Oranges & Love

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

18 January 2017 - Tzu Chi Melaka have their usual weekly Wednesday visit to Hospital Melaka but this time it was special because we distributed mandarin oranges to patients in the Medical, Palliative and Oncology wards in view of Chinese New Year next week.

We visited with only 1 aim, that is to brighten someone's life up by giving hope and lending ears to those who need it. It is a skill that I need to acquire and practise in order to initiate conversation with patients, especially the non-formal conversation, asking concerns, and try not to go overboard.

In this visit, I have particularly noticed a few things that I have learnt:

1. Patients with chronic illnesses (stroke, cancer) are in despair and sorrow, we can offer them hope by reminding them of the things that the currently have. For example, a stroke patient can still speak fluently (left sided stroke will have impaired speech), or a cancer patient is just tired but free of pain and have good family support. They, just like us, need to be constantly reminded of the things that we have, rather than the things we do not have.

2. Not all patients will listen to me, it depends on the 'channel', if the topic is good, then we can talk for long, but if its not, then its better to move on. No matter how good or how well can I speak, some patients just refuse to listen, this always remind me to be down to earth, we cannot save the whole world.

3. Family members need support too! The best that we can do is to listen actively to their pleas and hardship. I knew it is not easy to take care of an adult especially if they are sick for a long time. Most of the time I can only give suggestions to them, and give them some positive inputs as to remind them of how tough and how filial they are.

To be frank, hospital visit appears to be easy but it actually requires great mental strength and motivation from the volunteers like us. The first person we must motivate is ourselves, once we are in the phase of mindfulness, the road ahead will all be laid out smoothly~ =)

Video and Photos source: Tzu Chi Malaysia youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/tzuchimy

Tzu Chi Clinic with Dr Yap

Sunday, January 15, 2017
15 January 2017 - How many of you have seen a person who are well to do in the society, highly respected, and at the same time, treats everyone equally and same? Well, I have the opportunity to knew this man, Dr Yap.

Dr Yap comes to Tzu Chi free clinic on the 3rd Sunday every month with his wife to give free medical consultation services to the poor and needy in Melaka. I am particularly inspired by his attitude in life and his approach to each of his patient, listening attentively, giving respect and building rapport with his patients.

In my lifetime, I have only encountered a few person who treats everyone equally. If you are thinking whether you are the one? Try to think of the people you have seen on the street, the cleaners, the security guards, lecturers, professors, doctors, nurses, bangladeshi workers, the auntie who sells lottery, the uncle who sells tissue and the young Indian boy who sells kacang putih, do you treat them all equally? Yes, I do, and Dr Yap is also one of the people who does it.

Today I have learnt the technique of ultrasound to visualise a uterine fibroid with his guidance. He told medical students like us that it is always a need to treat the patient as a whole, to detect their underlying problem and not just the presenting complaints.

His humble personality and his openness to approach to medical students like us made me feel that there is still hope in the doctor's world. Doctors who are highly educated are not all arrogant and egoistic, he is one of the exception.

I am always grateful that I am exposed to Tzu Chi in Melaka early. The experiences I have gotten so far, made me a stronger person in life.

Visit to Nazarath Home

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
11 January 2017 - Starting the year of 2017 (Year of the Rooster) with this new post! How time flies~ I started this blog 10 years ago in year 2007 to describe my experience during one of my St. John duties in Stadium Perak. Link below:


How much I have grown, physically and mentally 10 years ago compared to now. One thing is for sure, I am becoming better and better day by day. I wonder how will I be 10 years from now? Will I still be able to maintain my current personality to adapt to the challenges in the near future? Only time will tell~ =)

I joined my college student council family to spend my Wednesday evening in Nazarath Home, an old folks home cater to the poor and needy in Klebang Besar, Melaka. I always love participating in events like this, events which keeps me in touch with the people of the neglected society.

There are 43 students, mostly from BDS (Dentistry students) in which some I have knew them earlier (Melissa, Abok), and fortunately, both my groupmates, Izzul and Wei Hoong were there with me too, if not it must be awkward to be with so many people whom I have not known. Oh, Ian was there, a good buddy of mine who carried his guitar and played the carol songs for the people there.

Some people joined because they wanted to bring joy to others, but for me, it works both way. I realised that my communication skills in approaching strangers is improved this time, I am able to initiate a smooth conversation with the people, thanks to my professor, Dr Ng Sin Hui who always demonstrated to me the art of communication in the hospital wards. Thank you Sin Hui (if you're reading).

Visit to homes always makes me grateful, not only for what I have physically, but also constantly reminds me of my peaceful state of mind, undisturbed, unaffected. The people there have different stories and different experiences in life, some speaks for us to listen, while others actually speaks for themselves with us as listeners. I feel that the only way to get in touch with the people is to actually go to them and understand their story, not to comment nor suggest anything. It is through experience that we keep ourselves on our toes all the time~ =)

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