Holiday Life

Friday, August 28, 2009

28 August 2009 - First of all, I have made myself so busy that I have totally forgotten my friend's birthday which falls on 26th August, my buddy Donivald Tham. Really sorry for not wishing you on that day. I always tell my friends that those who have the chance to appear on my blog are considered extremely lucky because I seldom post other's face on my blog. You must be angry or feeling sad but I hope this picture that I edited for you will cheer you up. Happy Belated Birthday....

I never feel so hectic when holidays strike. The joy of books-free in every student's mind gurantees their happiness. However, the 10-day holidays made me study even more and (almost =.='') push myself to limit. To know that SPM trials will be right after this holidays, I have no time left to play or enjoy my life. Study in the morning and afternoon and online at night is the best way for me to organize myself.

Besides that, there's a gay who added and disturbed me in my Windows Live Messenger yesterday. Asking me whether I am gay or not, whether he handsome or not, and those cheap stuff which I was totally not interested in. The part that really irritated me was when he showed his display picture with his bloody naked body. You will definitely feel like vomiting if you were me. Enjoy the conversation below:

Ivan 明仔™ : siapa u?
IpohGayZai : i m cheah from anderson school
Ivan 明仔™ : how u know my email?
IpohGayZai : facebook and friendster
Ivan 明仔™ : o
IpohGayZai : u r gay?
Ivan 明仔™ : no
IpohGayZai : why?
(start showing naked pictures)
Ivan 明仔™ : fuck off from my sight
IpohGayZai : y? i m 13, from anderson, i from ipoh also
Ivan 明仔™ : I not interested in u
IpohGayZai : why? I not handsome?
Ivan 明仔™ : no
IpohGayZai : then?
Ivan 明仔™ : fugly
Ivan 明仔™ : fucking ugly
IpohGayZai : my asshole, nice or not?
IpohGayZai : my gege help me take
Ivan 明仔™ : its damn freaking hell fugly
Ivan 明仔™ : dun u have a mirror? go have a look at your bloody face la

(OMG, my coolness and impression level dropped 100% after you have read that conversation. Believe it or not, I seldom use vulgar words, i hate it. That's why I salute those who can really makes me say those words)

Furthermore, my cousin brother has been admitted to hospital for injuries due to gun shot. Don't be shocked! Here's how the story flows..
1) 4.00+am, 2 robbers suspected Indonesian went into his house.
2) Took LCD TV, laptop and jewelleries.
3) Robbers asking for car key, he refuse to give.
4) Robbers gave up, decided to run away.
5) Cousin brother chasing for his information-filled laptop which is extremely important.
6) Robbers fired a shot. Bullet hit his right ear, strike the wall and recoil, hit his left ear.
7) Second bullet, shot his ankle, the area between your humerus and ulna/radius.
8) Call for ambulance.

Anyway, he lived in Tambun. So to those who live near that area, please be careful especially at night. Do not fight back or do something stupid please. You only have 1 life and 1 opportunity to do anything and everything you want.

The Truth Within

Monday, August 17, 2009
17 August 2009 - Some people are just either too lucky or did not realise that they are currently in a very fantastic divisions. Yet again I'm mentioning about other St John Ambulance divisions. It's around mid August now, and I believe each and every uniformed units, clubs, societies or watever freaking games should have their AGM by this crucial period.

I joined the division of SJAM since I was form 1 and it wasn't an easy task to complete the 5 years in it. The discipline level during that time was so strict that only 1 out of 10 birds will survive. We are so used to scolding and punishments that we believed that were happening to other divisions too. The headquarters Cadet Camp that I joined in 2007 proved me wrong when the punishment given there was not even 10% compared to my division. Members from SMI were obviously having a great time enjoying there. It was there that I realised we must endure hard and painful times in order to appreciate and treasure the easier life later on...

I am not sure about other divisions but their members seems to be complaining each and every then. Even scolding from officers they dislike whereas my divisions was hoping for an officer to lead us for almost a decade. We tend to lead the division by ourselves with the help of seniors. However, the division's standard is decreasing year by year. It reminds me of how strong and stable the division is when I was just a form 1 member. Some members from other division even cried when they get scolding from officers. I was thinking like.. WHAT THE HELL.. If it was me, I am willingly to get all the cursing and screwing than running rounds like mad dog almost every week.

It is unpredictable that what is going to happen in the future to my division. Even the friendster profile, group and blog were abandoned by the current exco board. I just hope that the division will regain it's glorious time like in the early 20th century. It was quite a long time..

Influenza A, H1N1

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
5 August 2009 - YES, it's a picture of a pig wearing mask! Although it's funny, but it showed us how serious H1N1 nowadays. Everyone including kids should educate themselves on H1N1, the latest pandaemic globally. Here's a friendly reminder for all the readers of this blog...

Signs and Symptoms of H1N1:
1) Fever 发烧
2) Cough 咳嗽
3) Sore Throat 喉咙痛
4) Runny of Stuffy Nose 伤风
5) Body Ache 骨痛
6) Headache 头痛
7) Chills 寒冷
8) Fatigue 无力

Diarrhoea and vomiting may strike too. If you have most of the symptoms mentioned above, please have a check up either in your nearby hospitals or clinics. So, please take extra good care of yourself before you can protect your friends and family including your loves one. TQ~

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