The Joy

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
A smiley is reflected on the keys, double up the joy and not forgetting the harmonious music of the piano...

16 September 2009 - Go online, go blogging, go listening to your favourite tracks, go watch movie, go do whatever you dream of. That's the lifestyle right after the long 3 weeks trial, but not for long, it's just a temporary mind-relaxing way. 10 days holidays to study before trial, and 10 days to relax after the exam, what else can be better than that?

Okay, the review for the exam. First week was quite hectic, with 5 subjects on the line in the short 4 days. Tips were received by each and everyone in mass, not mess. Tips for sejarah, biology and every subjects. The most important thing is, all the tips are 80% accurate. So scoring in those subjects will not be a problem, or I think so..

Second week, two subjects consisting of add maths and biology. Add maths quite easy for me, biology is the probem. It's just either too hard or not easy for me to stuck the informations in my head. It's the problem of memorizing the facts. Third week, the last week of examination. Physics and chemistry, I studied according to the tips and almost all of it came out.

Today is the last day. And right after the exam, some of my buddies told me that we need to retake all the subjects because the question papers were all leaked out prior to the exam. So, whose fault is it? I even know that some tuition centers are selling trial papers for RM45 per set. Therefore, the irony is how the question papers managed to get into the students hand before the exam. The main reason is the teachers themselves. Some of the schools checked their papers early and those wonderful teachers sms-ed their cute students the question. And all the tips were spotted flying in and around Perak.

Last but not least, let me present u the schedule for my exam, I will post my results once I have collected all the marks =D

1 Sept 2009 - Bahasa Melayu 1 & 2
2 Sept 2009 - English 1 & 2, Sejarah 1
3 Sept 2009 - Sejarah 2, Pendidikan Moral
4 Sept 2009 - Mathematics 1& 2
8 Sept 2009 - Additional Mathematics 1 & 2
10 Sept 2009 - Biology 1, 2 & 3
14 Sept 2009 - Physics 1, 2 & 3
16 Sept 2009 - Chemistry 1, 2 & 3

ME: Updated

Saturday, September 12, 2009
12 September 2009 - It has been 2 weeks since my trial started, and a short week left to end it. I will update it in my next post. I have been facing quite a lot of problems and worries for the past few weeks. As I have always said, I hate others to comment on my actions and behaviour, I never like it because negative comments will affect my performance mentally.

According to what my friend said, you just have to be what you are because it is what you are that determines who you are. Your personality, attitude, behaviour and everything is the criteria that reflects you yourselves. Change for the sake of others will makes you to be out of yourselves sometimes.

It is indeed true for the golden advice from my dear friend. However, I have my own opinion about it. When you change, it can be for better or even worse. Accept the fact that you must change to be a better person sometimes will help too. That's the reason why I never explain myself to anyone. Because the person who likes you doesn't need it, and the person who dislikes you won't believe it.

And for the person whom I've hurt
due to my stupid behaviour,
is what I can express my apology...

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