Prefect Room Cleanup

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

28 December 2010 - The once in a blue moon prefect's room cleanup was held today. The room was abandoned by the prefects for years. Cobwebs and layer of dust could be seen on every corner of the room. The cleanup was held from 9am to 12noon.

Since the size of the room is just average compared to the classrooms, so only the prefect cabinet members were involved. However, only half the number of the cabinet members were there. Thankfully, Swee Kwan came to help us too~ =)

Tihn Chern Deborah R.J. Kevin 
Mark Nicholas Swee Kwan
Chee Hoe Kar Heng Ting Yuan

Really appreciate the time with you guys in cleaning up the room~ especially the jokes by both head and deputy head~ LOL

Let's Get Wet

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

20 December 2010 - Just days before Christmas, I went to Kledang Hill in Menglembu with some of my friends for hiking. The photo above was shot when we reached the garden, half way till the peak of the hill. 6 of us including Haw Tung were there. He went home early to fetch someone I think.

The name of this event in Facebook was funny:
at menglembu hill of couse is hiking la! if not? got there bath mea? ==!
creatively created by Yee Lim~ 

From the moment we arrived, the sky turned cloudy and drizzle. As we were walking, the rain getting heavier and heavier. The whole journey turned out to be a raining-hiking experience for all of us. 

I heard a very hilarious word from Haw Tung during the journey... Yee Wing Hoe aka Iceman as most of the people called him, is Yee Lim's classmate. Haw Tung address him as 'Icy Gor Gor' during our break at one of the resting place. Hahahahahahahahaha~ ^^

December KL Trip

Monday, December 13, 2010
11 December 2010 - Went for a 2-day trip in KL with my family. Basically just hunting for clothes and foods, not me, but my mom and sisters~ ^^

Went to Thai Thai Restaurant for lunch when we arrived Sunway Pyramid. My pineapple shrimp rice was nice but the amount was quite little for me. LOL. The price there also not cheap~

Not to mention the condition there. The lighting perfectly suits the environment with some simple Thai touch.

This is the decorations outside the pyramid. Quite simple but at least better than Ipoh. Santas could be seen anywhere in the town~

I spotted this dooodolls stickers in MPH. There are some dooodolls for sale too but quite expensive for poor boy like me to afford~

Domo keychain for phones! I lost my domo on the second day after i bought it. T_T

At last but not least, I saw JOE at 1Utama. He was wearing the orange S&J shirt. I don't know what is he doing, he keep walking up and down through the escalators. He even ignored me when I called him =_=!

Note: S&J is the abbreviated form for Shan&Joe ^^

Joe Hang's Birthday Bash

Saturday, November 13, 2010

12 November 2010
Celebrated Joe Hang's birthday at Hui Shan's house
had tons of fun during there
Vizent came back too~

Happy Birthday JoeJoe!
Hope you like the bag~

Rui Xin Birthday


11 November 2010
RUI XIN's birthday
bought an Alvin for her~

LSS4, Jom Pergi Cameron!

Saturday, September 25, 2010
25 September 2010 

I love you LSS4! Had a superb trip to Cameron Highlands last Wednesday, 15th September. The trip was initially mooted by our beloved Biology teacher, Mr. Liew Boon Ket before the 2-week school holidays. Then, planning were carried out by our awesome monitors, Xinh Guan and Sandra Elizabeth. At last, this 1-day trip brought us tons of laughters and happiness at the end of the day.


A total of 27 people were present for this trip including 24 from LSS4, Mr. Liew and two strangers whom became friends with us, they are Tan Ke Ying and Lee Sin Wei. Both of them are Carmen's friend. Sadly, Jegendran, Kelvinder, Vikneesh and Dina were not able to make it for this trip. =(

The 'actual' purpose of this trip was to collect a plant which we named it as 'weird plant' and put it into a poisonous solution to preserve it. My mom was shocked when I told her that I don't know the name of the poisonous solution and I don't even know what plant am I collecting to do the experiment. LOL! Besides that, we have to buy certain amount of beetles or bugs to do another experiment.


We hired a private bus and took off from Ipoh around 7.30am. Reached Tanah Rata around 9am+ and had our breakfast at a mamak store nearby. After that, we went to visit 'Sam Poh' Temple located up the hill, further down from Tanah Rata.


The Buddhist and Taoist like Xinh Guan, Woei Hong had their prayers there whereas Kar Heng, Sandra and Mark were walking around since they are Christians. I remember I heard something from Hana, it was 'I'll get killed if I enter this building'. LOL!


After they have done their prayers, camwhore frenzy started! Most of us took our cameras out and kept shooting non-stop XD. Geston, Woei Hong, Xinh Guan and me have became the shooting models out of a sudden. Haha


After that, we went to Strawberry farm. There was a sign there saying: Pick your own strawberries, RM5 per kg, minimum 1 kg. But Yee Mei suddenly ask me to change the word 'strawberries' to 'nose'. Epic! LOL


Besides strawberries, there were also different types of plants there such as the extraordinary large pitcher plant and extremely big-sized cactus.


Imagine you're exhausted and there was no chair around so you decided to sit on the cactus for....... ^^



We went to BOH Tea Centre at Sungei Palas too. The air there was cool and refreshing. Felt like spreading my arms and jumping off the cliff. LOL. We enjoyed the hot tea thanks to Mr. Liew. I don't remember how many times we refilled the jug, uncountable~



The last place we visited before going back was the Bee farm. Well, I don't enjoy looking at bees to be frank. The only thing that we enjoyed was the beautiful flora planted there.


I still miss the moments that we shared together at Cameron Highlands until now... Memories Alive~


I've selected 2 lucky photos as my LOL photos for this post, they are....

1) Mark do not understand a single word of the signboard?


2) Both Yammini and the 'Hot' guy were staring at each other.


Credits to

Kendra Ng
Phoon Chau Yeong
Zidane Tan
Mr. Liew Boon Ket

for the awesome photos in this blog~

家好月圆 Steamboat Reunion

Saturday, September 11, 2010

11 September 2010

The word 家好月圆 simply means a full moon symbolizing a harmonious family. The pronunciation in chinese is 'jia hao yue yuan' or in cantonese 'ka hou yuet yuen'. We have used this word to represent the friendship among us few years back.

Few days ago, on 9th Spemtember, we have a gathering at Goodtimes Restaurant opposite Tower Regency Hotel. As what my title said, it's kinda more like reunion. I'm happy and thrilled to see my friends again. Chuah came back from Malacca, Teik Sum came back from Penang and some of my friends from Kampar, Sunway.. MISS THEM DEARLY~


I was the 5th/6th person to arrive. When I arrived, I noticed a trend among us. Majority of us are wearing black, white or blank and white shirt. Chris was the only one wear RED. So we decided that those who are wearing shirts other than the colours mentioned above are required to pay~ (Wahh, Chris was so happy upon hearing that, hehe)

One by one arrived as time passes. Eon and Olivia, Haw Tung, Teik Sum, Esther...
When we thought the last to arrive were Chuah and Pui San, Vizent proved us wrong. He's the last one as usual, AS USUAL AHH!!!

There was a man, in his 60/70's, I've met him few times in different location before this. He will ask for donations of any amount and he will give 2 packets of tissue and play a song using his 'Erhu'. However, this time he was using his harmonica and played a song named 'Auld Lang Syne' in english or 'Friendnship Forever' in chinese. It perfectly suits the environment there.

The one that ate the most was Teik Sum! He said he miss the food in Ipoh, wow, so touching~

JoeJoe, Guo Sheng and Pig?

Chris Chow Birthday Bash

Thursday, September 9, 2010

9 September 2010 - Celebrated Chris 18th birthday at Yee Lim's house last Sunday, an enjoyable start for the long weeks of school holidays. We had our bbq session around 7pm when everyone was there. Too bad Alson Bear couldn't make it because he went to Pangkor Island for some kinda prayers session?


The superstars of the day - Kar Heng and Xinh Guan. Both of them brought their guitars and dedicated some nice songs to all of us including their hit song - Somewhere Over The Rainbow. At first it was the traditional birthday song. Then they manipulated it to some funny lyrics, creatively thanks to Kar Heng~


Later on, Yee Lim and Chris joined them and 'demonstrated' their guitar skills. Picture above clearly displayed the 4 of them and their supporters:

Sze Ngou, Natalie, Eon Chen, Olivia, 
Vizent, Kin Ho, Boon Hong, Joe Hang, 
Pui San, Esther, and last but not least, 
Leon and his Soul Crew

Chicken wings, sausages, meat balls, etc. These were not the only foods that filled our empty stomachs that night. The presents and birthday cake were presented after everyone has settled down.


As usual, we have the strong faith in upholding the Michaelian tradition. However, besides the usual tradition, there's a new tradition which...... Geez, where's the video?
It was a splendid night of bbq accompanied by the harmonious melody of the guitars. The only imperfection was Kin Ho. He did not talk much with us and was eating from the beginning till the end of the celebration. =(


Ooops, before i forget...


My Dearest Friend in Hospital

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Name: Andy Lau Khin Foong*
Location: Ipoh Specialist Hospital, 3rd Floor, Ward 716

31 July 2010 - I went to ISH to visit him together with Yee Lim yesterday. He is having high fever around 40 degree Celsius and coughing non-stop, suspected of having dengue. The latest news that I get from him was he was vomiting a few times today. To those friends of him out there, please do not hesitate to visit him if you're free. Hope to see him recover soon~

Katrina's Birthday Bash


31 July 2010 - We celebrated Katrina's birthday on the 28th this month, approximately 4 days ago. After the co-curriculum ended at 5pm, we made a surprise celebration for Katrina in the parlour. She was waiting for Yee Lim to fetch her back and totally unaware of the celebration we did for her.


We bought a simple cake for her as usual. We were actually looking for sponsors for the past few days for the real present. So there was around 10+ people contributing to the present. The first present we gave was a small teddy bear and the names of the 10+ people were written in the card. She was shocked and confused at the same time. 10+ people for a small teddy bear?


Nevertheless, she accepted it and was touched by the celebration we did for her. The real present was presented to her when the celebration ended. It's one of the product of dooo-dolls! The price is not cheap and that's the reason we were looking for sponsors. For those of you who don't know what is that.. google it! =)

First Prefect Outing

Sunday, July 25, 2010

25 July 2010 - So we, the prefects had an outing at Kuen Wei's house last night. It was a combined outing by ISUC and SAC but almost all prefects from different commission attended. His house was extra large and I think it's 4 times larger than mine. Hong Wei said it was the best house for outing ever! LOL



I went with Joe Hang and Swee Kwan and reached his house around 8pm. We had trouble seeking for his house as we are not familiar with the area there. Everyone was enjoying their food before they went crazy and splash everyone with water.


I thought it was some kind of formal outing. Never did I expect that they can play till all wet and really had their own happy moments there. It's the feeling of a real bond between each and everyone there.



After all those rumble and crazy water-splashing was sharing moment. We formed a circle and one by one, we share what we feel and what we hope for the board. I salute Swee Kwan for what he has said to us. He felt unfair for not being elected as the commission head and he dare to speak up. He is willing to accept the fact and he is willing to share what does he feel to all of us. My respect for him has increased tremendously.


I left around 10.30pm for Yee Lim's birthday celebration. =)

Prefectorial Board AGM 2010


25 July 2010 - What happened last Friday was totally unexpected. I will start off with Mr. Karu's AGM which began at 1.00pm on that day. The way he handle the AGM was unacceptable for all of us. There were no reports from the 6 Excos and the commission heads because the seniors are barred from entering the lecture theatre. So this is the first time in history only juniors are allowed to attend the AGM. The only agenda in the AGM was the statement of accounts from the treasurer which no one is there to care about what he is crapping and the election of the new commission heads.

Okay, I'm not gonna critize anyone anymore. So the list of the top 6 Excos are:

Head Prefect: Tan Tihn Chern
Lady Head Prefect: Yogamalar
Deputy Head Prefect: R.J. Kevin
Deputy Lady Head Prefect: Deborah Yaw
Honorary Secretary: Nicholas Chen
Honorary Treasurer: Mark Ooi

And the newly elected commission heads for guys are:

Discipline Commission (DISCO) -  Foong Chee Hoe
Cleanliness and Security Commission (CS) - Teoh Ting Yuan
Home Affairs Commission (Homies) - Lee Kar Heng
Inter-Society Understanding Commission (ISUC) - Ivan Tan
Student Affair Commission (SAC) - Wong Joe Hang


I've forgotten the lady comm. heads. Sorry~
Frankly speaking, I felt that it's unfair to choose all the non ex-prefects as the commission heads because they have less experience than the ex-prefects. Majority of them are not satisfied with it and it's not even considered a handover. My comm. head is not there. No one is there to acknowledge them. I'm not happy. =(


However, what's done is done. I can't reverse what has happened. What I can comment is, in order to show others that I can manage the commission,


The photos in this post is the real AGM conducted by Er Vin and a family of true prefects. Enjoy~

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