BBQ Farewell Gathering

Monday, August 20, 2012

This is probably the last gathering for me with my bunch of monkey friends this year. As usual, it was held in Yee Lim's house since his house is comfortable enough to accommodate such a large group of monkeys. Joe Hang, Eon and his girlfriend is not in the group picture above because they left early.

We prepared unlimited supplies of foods including chicken and pork sausages, chicken wings, french fries and noodles. Although there were more than 20 of us present, but there were still many leftover foods.

Almost all the invited guests were present except Teong Hui who can't make it because he is still in Malacca, Kar Heng who went for some jungle camp, Katrina and Wai Hoong who were in KL and lastly, Pui San, Esther and Candy Chong who broke their promises (FFK!).  

Even Shing Yee came back from KL and skipped her family dinner just for this BBQ! =D What were both Zheng Foong and Alson Bear doing behind? LOL

Shing Yee + Yee Lim

The blue nike tee shirt Yee Lim was wearing is his birthday present by the few of us. He blogged about it in his blog, and showed the photo of the gift wrapper instead of the shirt itself!

It would be a never-ending BBQ session if it wasn't because of time constrain. Some of us even stayed till 1.30am. If possible, I hope that there will be another gathering on Chinese New Year~ =)


  1. Alson Beh said...:

    swt.. =="
    I thought we not in the photo.. you purposely take it...

  1. Ivan Tan said...:

    haha, I took a few photos but decided to upload only this cuz its funny ma~

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