STPM Result

Friday, March 9, 2012
A day that was filled with anxiety, others called it the harvest day. Some experienced sleepless nights before that, while some has no appetite or not in the mood in doing anything. For me, I have them all.

I reached my school half an hour earlier prior to 12 noon for the results to be released. Friends meeting with other friends could be seen in the parlour and everyone was talking about how they have been for the past 3 months since the final examination day. Some saw me and by judging the expression on my face, they asked me not to be so nervous. This is the same situation during my SPM result day. I was so nervous till I couldn't smile by the time I saw my result back then.

At approximately few minutes past 12, the bulk door which leads to the entrance of the hall opened and most of them were so anxious that they rushed in to catch a glimpse of their results. After a moment of hesitation, I stepped into the hall and told myself that I will face this with the blessing from my parents, friends and God.

Pengajian Am ~ A
Mathematics T ~ A
Chemistry ~ A-
Biology ~ A

My class teacher, Miss Ling Lidi was the first to congratulate me and told me my result even before I open the slip. The butterflies in my stomach disappeared instantly but I am still stunned mainly because the over-tension before I took my result. I could see most of my teachers whom I really miss. They are so nice that I wished to hug each and everyone of them. I saw my Biology teacher, Mr Liew who was so busy shooting at people, using his camera of course. Besides, I saw both my favourite teacher advisors in St John, Pn Kamales and Pn Alice. Both of them congratulate me and I think my tears dropped when I shook their hands. 

I saw my maths teacher, Mr Paul and my chemistry teacher, Pn Chong too. I knew Pn Chong is disappointed because none of us in her class manage to secure an A for chemistry. Although she did not say, but I know she is sad and I'm sorry for her too. 

Not long after that, my name was called along with 8 others to go up the stage to receive certificates from the school principal, Madam Loh. This is the first time I was being flashed by numerous cameras at the same time. I have never thought of being able to stand beside the 4 flat students up stage and share the same joy and happiness they deserved. 

For me, I am grateful with what I am and who am I. 

Photos courtesy of  Yee Wing Hoe (Iceman) and Sin Chew Newspaper


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