Melaka - AIA Trip

Friday, July 6, 2012
I went with my family and my dad's colleagues for a 2 days 1 night trip in Melaka on 30th June. It was organized by AIA and 33 of us joined this wonderful trip.

We went by bus and it took approximately 6 hours to reach Melaka Town. The first place we went when we arrived was the famous Christ Church of Melaka which was built in the 18th century. Originally painted white, it was painted red in 1911.

After some snapshots, we walked along Jonker Street which is a famous tourist attraction. Since the state was well known for its' chicken rice ball, we went on hunting for a nice restaurant to satisfy our hunger.

It was a Saturday afternoon and the number of tourist was unbelievably huge. Most of the chicken rice restaurants were crowded by long queues and finally, we found a restaurant after some time spent on lining up. It was Restoran Kota Lama.

I ordered a Cendol to quench my thirst while waiting for the rice balls and chicken to be served. The rice ball was not as good as expected. Perhaps there's another restaurant with nicer rice balls and chicken and we went to the wrong one =(

After our lunch, we continued our walk along the crowded street. One of the old building which grabbed my attention was the Teo Chiew Hall. An uncle was painting the door with only a brush and some paints. 

My sisters and I went into the hall and we realised that the building style is the same as what we saw in chinese movies. They have a sandbag for boxing, a wooden block for kung fu training and deep inside the hall, there are numerous ancestors' tablets on the altar.

Before we departed to A'Famosa villa from Jonker Street, we visited the Melaka Fort situated along a river.

In the evening after dinner, we visited A'Famosa Cowboy Town. The people there dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls and they have a band to welcome us at the entrance.

Around 8.30pm, we had the chance to watch the Red Indian Show. The red indians are capable of performing with fire and some even swallow the flame using their bare mouth. It was a thrilling experience that words can't describe! 

Sparks of fireworks were shot up high onto the sky after the show. Before we went back to our villa that night, we went to 4D-cinema for a 12-minute 4D underwater adventure movie. We have to wear 3D glasses to view the film and our chairs will constantly move to make us feel like we are in the movie itself. 

After a long and tiring day, we went back to our villa around 11.00pm.

Second day started fresh with an awesome buffet-style breakfast at A'Famosa resort. After that, we went on to watch the Elephant Show. The elephants are trained to perform various tricks and they can utilise their trunk to swing and to move according to their trainers' commands.

Right after the show, we went to Safari World. The animals there were not as many as those in Thailand and they only have the common ones such as tigers, lions, camels, mouse deer, sheep and horses. We were sitting in a metal-caged vehicle and I feel like we are being watched by the animals rather than we watch them...


One of the most enjoyable performances was the Bird Show. Pretty parrots as well as amazing eagles were soaring just above our heads. There was a moment where a white parrot will fly towards you and grab your hand when you raise up your hand with a RM10 note. Some of the spectators have done it and I tried raising my hand too. In split seconds, the parrot saw me and she charge from the stage towards me and grab my RM10 note with her small but powerful beak.

After lunch, we ride a boat to the nearby Monkey Island. The number of monkeys there was not as many as expected. Most of the monkeys are kept in cages while only a small number are left hanging on tress and interact with tourists.

After around half an hour in the island, we were transferred back to the mainland and we have Cowboy Show and Animal Show before we headed back to Ipoh. It was a day full with SHOWS~

We departed from Melaka at 4.00pm and reached Ipoh by 10.00pm. It was definitely a trip worth remembering! 


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