Pre-Driving Talks

Wednesday, December 23, 2009
22 December 2009 - Went for the so-called Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu (KPP) talks in a driving center somewhere on the way to Tasek. Quite boring there. The lecturer told us that all of us are compulsory to have 5 hours of talks hosted by the JPJ officers in order to take their driving license either for car or motorcycle. I went there before 8am with Kin Ho as Chuah suddenly said he is not interested.

The first thing we did there was to enter a mini hall and took a small colour-blind test before everything starts because it was the most important thing before you can proceed any further. 23/23, that was my score for some simple questions which can be easily answered by any standard one kids. The first-half of the talks started at 9.30am till 12.00noon. It was still okay as it can keeps me from sleeping. The second-half was terribly sucks. The second lecturer failed to impress me as she was talking non-stop and I was dreaming non-stop too. Seriously, someone has to treat her a cup of coffee so that she wont be so depressed and talking to herself all the time. Ended around 3pm and Phang went there to fetch me. Now I'm still thinking when to take the test.

Special thanks to my agent Kiemee, Phang called her 鸡尾 which means chicken tail =_='' for saving us in those long queue and helped us a lot throughout the talks.
Special Update: 42/50 - I've just passed my undang test!

Langkawi Trip

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
21 December 2009 - Went for a 4 days 3 nights trip to Langkawi with my uncle alone. Nothing much to post about, see pictures below for further details. Quite boring although visited many places.
During the ferry ride from Kuala Perlis to Langkawi. It took almost an hour.
The Garden Hotel. The so called high class hotel with poor maintenance and cut-throat price. RM165/night for just a small room. The manager is a greedy man.
Deluxe Room? If this is what they called a deluxe room then i bet all those standard rooms are dead.

RM140/day which is super expensive and the gear was half-broken.

Black Sand Beach. The place where the sand suppose to be black but instead of the sand, I saw majority of the people were sun-tanned and make the beach black.

My uncle enjoying a cup of hot coffee.


Some kind of japanese gift from Japan

I don't know why the Wright Brothers ended up in the Prime Minister's Gallery

The place where all the potraits are hanging

I personally liked this photo but it will be better if the angle was lower

Ships, Boats, Ferries

The shops located in the Eagle Square


I don't even know what are those hanging potraits and landscape doing in the Underwater World. Maybe they were drawn by those crabs and penguins.

Penguins - Standing Proud. Sorry but no fishes pictures uploaded because fishes are just plain unattractive and I hate the way they swim.

The Seven Wells with waterfall that almost dried up.

Petronas Quay

The overall map of the islands

Eagle Square

with no description

SPM - Full Coverage

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
8 December 2009 - SPM is finally over, gone, disappeared, vanished, out of sight, down, cleared! I can't imagine it ended so fast, too fast that I did not even realise it ended today. Right after the last paper, an empty feeling suddenly striked my mind.

'' This is the last day of schooling where you will be wearing your school uniform ''

To make things simpler, I decided to break down my post to 5 main parts. Viewer discretion is advised to prevent any eye-sore or time-consuming for this long-winded post of mine.

The Cancerian Personality
Only by that time a smile scratch my face as I walked passed the heavenly stairs towards the ground floor. I did not even grab the chance to bit farewell to some of my teachers, teachers that really care for the students and hope that they will excel in the respective subjects. And now here am I missing them for some of their boring lessons which will be more interesting if I would have pay more attention to them. The end of secondary life means no more wearing green pants, no more childish act, no more care-free attitute maybe, and most importantly, no more Sejarah!

SPM Showdown
I am quite happy at the beginning of this exam when I saw the first karangan question which the topic is so wide and so many points to write about. This indicates that my exam have a very good start and probably definitely will have a good end for it. It proves me right today. Not to say that I'm confident on my subjects or I'm basically too good to score, but at least I have gone through the papers smoothly and thank god because I did not miss any of the papers. That's one of the reasons why I promised myself to accept whatever result that will be coming out next March.

If you were to ask me again how many subjects I was taking, I will tell you the same answer again and again. Compared to most of my friends from other schools, I can be considered taking the least subject for SPM - 9. It's the school system, don't ask me. It is most probably because the number of subjects are not important but the subjects themselves are vital to determine your direction after SPM. What's the use of taking 20 subjects with all those easy-to-score Islamic subjects that are similiar to one another? Furthermore, 10 subjects are the limit for those taking SPM starting from next year.

Its has been more than 5 times since I dreamt about my SPM. The condition inside the hall, the result day, and the most terrible one - how I missed two of my papers in one day. BM and Mathematics were on the same day in my fantasy world. And I keep on blaming my friends for not reminding me, my parents who doesn't realise my exam date. I was struggling to call the school office to ask whether the exam can be replaced to some other date or not. Of cause they can't, because the whole nation start and end at the same time. I'm glad that I have woke up from those terrible nightmares. This shows that I'm so irresponsible, careless, naive, and being irrational in my dream land. However, it is vice versa and does not affect me throughout the 4 long weeks in reality.

Okay okay. Let's back to the topic. Everyone were so tension and some of them almost crack their skulls at the beginning of the exam. However, situation was getting better as time passes and the pressure was less applied to them. For me, it's just the same and every papers count. I can't afford to distract my attention to elsewhere and crying over the spilt milk later. I am quite satisfied because I have done my best, unlike my trial results which is an eye-sore.

What am I aiming for my results? Surprisingly I did not target or expect any A's in my result after my trial results disappointed me. That's why I have set a new aim, that is...
Aim: Pass all my subjects
Condition: With flying colours
Irony: You either know or doesn't know what it means

The Next Chapter
The 2-year SPM syllabus which is not easy to cover up has reached its finale here. What have you learned or wasted in this 2 short years is all sum up. I firmly believe that the result day is the judgment day. There will be total fairness. So what's my plan after SPM? Most probably will be studying form 6 in my alma mater unless my matriculation application succeed. After that? Waste no time and pursue my studies to local college, or maybe somewhere else.

Simple Plan
While waiting for my result, I decided to relax for the month to be jolly and maybe find some work elsewhere to utilize my time effeciently. It is going to be a long time until next March to decide my fate. Undang test, driving license? All cramped out in my tiny brain all at the same time. Hang out with friends? Holidays with family? It's all going to be packed up this month. So I need to be doing something useful and not to waste my precious time.

Golden Words
Whoever or whatever you are, thanks for reading my long-winded extraordinary blog post of the month. I like to blog about almost everything or every event that comes into my life. This will serve as a diary for me to glance back in the far future. For those who have yet to take your SPM or going to engage to it next year, you still have a long way to go. The main element for my principle is very simple, just pay 100% to the lesssons in school and you will definitely not going to lose out. Last-minute studying or burning midnight oil? you will gain nothing except for some headache and extra pressure in yourselves. That's all from this post, stay tuned for more updates @

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