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Friday, July 11, 2008

10 July 2008 - Are you curious about the title of this post? Nope, I know you don't! But I still wanna continue with my post.. haha. I am currently subscribing to a local gaming magazine - GameAxis Unwired. There is a section for readers to comment and speak out their mind called 'Letter of the Month' section. Like any other readers, I submitted my letter to GameAxis and successfully owned the title of 'Letter of the Month'. The picture above is the prizes that I get from GameAxis headquarters in Dataran Prima, Petaling Jaya. There are:

i - Cold Fear PC DVD Game
ii - Multimedia Star International (MSI) Figurine - Hector
iii - Multimedia Star International (MSI) Figurine - Heena
iv - 2 box office tickets for X-Files
v - Heart-shaped Bean bag

Here is the letter that I have wrote:

Dear Editor,

May issue was fantastic, with better, improved reviews and updates. Well done, keep up the good work! Few days ago, my friend visited my house and he found a whole slot of my shelves filled with Gameaxis magazines (=.=''). Like anyone else, he took one of the magazine and had a quick glace through it. I promoted the magazine to him by listing all the advantages of having Gameaxis. What?? are you asking me what are the advantages? Let me tell you!

1) Resourceful. With the words ' Malaysia's Most Useful Gaming Magazine' on its cover. It certainly deserves that because it contains a lot of information besides game.
2) Cheap! With just RM7 per issue to keep you updated from the latest games and news. It's definitely worth it.
3) Multi-platform. Gameaxis contains games from many consoles such as PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox360, Wii, DS and PSP. This is useful for gamers who owns more than 1 console! =D
4) Newsbyte. The section included the previous and incoming news about games such as the ESWC tournament and the WCG tournament.
5) Reviews and Rating. Hey, it's not easy to review a game. So we should read through each and every word. Besides review, ratings from 1.0 to 10.0 is included so that we will know which games are worth playing.
6) Mobile Games. Yes, it's also the reviews and rating, but it's for your brand 'in' mobile in a section called MobileAxis. It is quite fun because you can know which games are worth to be downloaded to your phone when you are on the long run.
7) AnimeAxis. This new section included the latest anime news and the anime shown on Animax. Furthermore, there are selected anime series highlighted from Anime Tech. ( I love the 'Figures of Imagination' section by Lim Kuan Keat xD)
8) MovieAxis. It covers the latest movie that are coming soon on cinema. Like any other magazine, it have the synopsis and overview. But what differ Gameaxis from others is the 'What to expect' section. What do you expect?
9) Hard&Fast? Dont get confused! It's the hardware section. Because of most of the readers don't understand the hardware, so it contains the latest graphic cards, processors and more...
10) Last but not least, the BRICKGAMERS that everybody loves and waiting for every issue! It contains funny characters which are similar to gamers nowadays in lego form. LOL xD P.S: Gameaxis give away attractive and fabulous prizes for the Letter of the Month too. WRITE ON if you're interested! Talking about myself.. =D


Ipoh International Run 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008
6 July 2008 - Yes, I have done it again! Same with starwalk, the route is 10km. But the difference is we are running this time. At 7.02am, we started to count down, 10, 9, 8, .... so on. After the gun shot, I started running without stopping until i reached the area near Fair Park. That time I am still not tired. I don't quite remember the route. I think it is somewhere near... not sure... I finished the run at 8.10am (Huh, so fast??). Although the entire run is tiring and I sweat a lot, but it's definitely worth it because I finally managed to grab the certificate, unlike last year (sad case). Most of my friends who joined the 7km category did not get their certificates. I started the run with my friend, Cheah Wai Hoong, Donivald Tham, Hong Tat and many more, but we were separated throughout the run. I am looking forward to join this jovial and momentous run again next year. Ipoh International Run 2009 - HERE I COME!!

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