SMJK Yuk Choy Marching Competition

Monday, November 5, 2007

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Best Leader Award and Silver for Marching ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

4 November 2007 - Today is a day that I cant forget, and i wont forget it. My team have been training for 2 weeks ONLY by Looi Hong Wei, the current Head of Training of St. John SMI, for this St. John Marching Competition organized by the St. John Ambulance of Yuk Choy's Division. There are 2 teams joining in my school. One is my team, consist of Donivald Tham, Teoh Jia Heng, Lim Kin Ho and me myself. Another team is Wong Joe Hang, Teoh Ting Yuen, Fong Teik Sum and Lim Kar Keng. I feel nervous during competition and my heart is beating so fast. After our turn, we look back our marching from Eon Chen's handphone. Hey! Not bad at all, even our trainer, Hong Wei praise us. But it's still very far compare to Joe Hang's team performance. Everybody including the both team from SMI and trainers believed that if SMI is gonna win the competition, it will be Joe Hang's team because our performance during normal training is very poor and their team is 2x better than us, but the results denied it. During prize giving at the end of the competition, my team is so nervous, we think that we wont get a hand on the trophys. But we manage to get the Silver trophy and the man of the match, Donivald Tham as the Best Leader. We not quite believe that because we think that we dont have a chance, not even a little chance for the trophys, but we manage to get it from the 15 teams competing there. I can see my teammates stunned at the moment. The Gold and Bronze grabbed by Division of SMJK Poi Lam. When the silver trophy is in my hands, I can see everybody is looking at us jealously. Haha, it was an unbelievable dream to come true for me. But thank god because i'm not dreaming.


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