The Saga of Darren Shan

Sunday, August 17, 2008

14 August 2008 - As shown in the picture above, a total of 12 books are available on The Saga of Darren Shan but I bought the trilogy set, that means 3 books are combined in one (3 x 4 = 12). The overall rating that I give will be 9.9/10 because the story was very interesting and not even a single page will let you sleep. The missing 0.1 mark was due only 12 books to such a nice story. It should be more than that!!! ^^ Below is the 12-book series of The Saga of Darren Shan:

1) Darren Shan : Cirque Du Freak - Darren Shan gets a opportunity to the mysterious Circus of Freak with his best friend, Steve Leopard. It was there that Darren was blooded by Mr Crepsley and become a half-vampire. Mr Crepsley fake Darren's death in order to get rid of civilization.

2) Darren Shan : The Vampire Assistant - Darren knows about the custom and tradition of vampires. He get to know about the snake boy that perform in the Cirque, Evra Von and a young boy who wished to join the Cirque, Sam Crest. Sam was killed by the wolf man in an accident. In order to survive as a creature of the night, Darren must drink Sam's blood.. or die!

3) Darren Shan : Tunnels of Blood - Darren embarks on a journey to Mr Crepsley's hometown. A few cases involving death have occur. He get to know a girl that was same age as him, Debbie Hemlock in a shopping mall. Mr Crepsley, Darren and Evra must face the vampaneze that committed the murder, Murlough, in order for peace to drop by.

4) Darren Shan : Vampire Mountain - Darren and Mr Crepsley embarks to Vampire Mountain to attend a once in 12 years council. It was there that he get to know more vampires such as Seba Nile, Arra Sails, Gavner Purl and more. He learned that the vampires are ruled by the Vampire Generals and the Vampire Princes.

5) Darren Shan : Trials of Death - Darren must face 5 deadly task in the trials in order to prove himself to the vampire clan. As a half-vampire, he faces difficulty in the task and was saved by a Little Person that accompanied him, Harkat Mulds. He know the truth about the future Vampire Prince, Kurda Smahlt in a plot to overthrown the vampire clan.

6) Darren Shan : The Vampire Prince - Darren revealed the truth about Kurda Smahlt to the Vampire Princes after several months being flushed away from the river in Vampire Mountain. As a return, Darren was elected to become a Vampire Prince!

7) Darren Shan : Hunters of the Dusk - The Was of Scars finally broke off between the vampire and vampaneze. According to Mr Tiny, only 3 selected vampire will be able to kill the Lord of Vampaneze, they are Darren Shan, Larten Crepsley and Vancha March.

8) Darren Shan : Allies of the Night - Darren faces the biggest nightmare in his life - school. Darren get back to school in order to avoid attention. He found out that Debbie Hemlock was teaching in his class after 15 years. Darren also learned the truth about Steve Leopard, a half-vampaneze that swore to kill Darren one day.

9) Darren Shan : Killers of the Dawn - Darren and his allies were hunted by the police, the human and the vampaneze. They were forced into the border of extinction. It was there that Mr Crepsley was killed by the stakes in the Cavern of Retribution after successfully killed the Lord of Vampaneze, only later then they know that Steve was the real Lord of Vampaneze.

10) Darren Shan : The Lake of Souls - Darren and Harkat went to the future in order to find out who Harkat was before he became a Little Person. They faces black panther, a Grotesque, a giant toad and more challenging tasks before they reach the Lake of Souls. They found out that Harkat's identity was Kurda Smahlt, the vampire traitor, before he was executed.
11) Darren Shan : Lord of the Shadows - Darren faces Steve once again for a fight to the death. He found out from Lady Evanna that the Lord of the Shadows, who will destroy the world no matter which sides win the War of Scars, will be either him or Steve.

12) Darren Shan : Sons of Destiny - Darren found out that he and Steve was created by Desmond Tiny or Des Tiny before they were borned. After Darren successfully stabbed Steve in the stomach, Mr Tiny reveal the truth about it. Both Steve and Darren were dead and transported to the Lake of Souls. What's the ending? It was a very very nice and surprising ending that you must read!


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