A Visit To Manjung

Sunday, September 7, 2008
~Different types of knots~
6 September 2008 - Right after St John divisional meeting, I walked straight to YMCA because the officer was waiting for us. Oh yeah, I was attending St John Ambulance proficiency badge courses, namely 'Animal Care' and 'Home Skills' organized by St John Ambulance Manjung Division. The officer for Manjung, Sir Ting Tai Fook fetched Yoong Xiang and I to the Manjung Fire Department because both courses were prepared there. Sir Ting was a friendly man, he keep on chatting with us on the way there. I took us almost 90 minutes to reach there from Ipoh. Well, the courses are quite boring because the room that used for lecturing was hot, stuffy and poor ventilated. I could not concentrate well because I sat too far from the lecturer. My friends were Donivald Tham and Wong Yoong Xiang. We'd been informed that the test paper will be sent to us 7 days later. Nothing much, farewell!

~Yoong Xiang and I~
~Donivald Tham~


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