Influenza A, H1N1

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
5 August 2009 - YES, it's a picture of a pig wearing mask! Although it's funny, but it showed us how serious H1N1 nowadays. Everyone including kids should educate themselves on H1N1, the latest pandaemic globally. Here's a friendly reminder for all the readers of this blog...

Signs and Symptoms of H1N1:
1) Fever 发烧
2) Cough 咳嗽
3) Sore Throat 喉咙痛
4) Runny of Stuffy Nose 伤风
5) Body Ache 骨痛
6) Headache 头痛
7) Chills 寒冷
8) Fatigue 无力

Diarrhoea and vomiting may strike too. If you have most of the symptoms mentioned above, please have a check up either in your nearby hospitals or clinics. So, please take extra good care of yourself before you can protect your friends and family including your loves one. TQ~


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