Death leads to Sorrow

Friday, October 30, 2009
30 October 2009 - Can't really willing to accept the fact that my cousin is dead. I can't imagine how a person feel when he passed away. However, I am sure that everyone around him will be in deep sorrow. That's the thing for sure.

Why people have to leave without saying goodbye? It will be one of the most cruelest thing for them to do before they emerge into another world. They are so selfish if you were to ask me. To have abandoned their parents and siblings... I believed they will be fine when time passes.

Now he has gone forever, leaving only good memories that can never be flushed away by tides of time. He also brought my study mood away as I've been absent from school for 3 consecutive days.. What else more can I say? He can be considered as my greatest cousin which I never realise when he's here...


  1. liew huey-ling said...:

    He has been a great son to my parents, a fantastic brother to his siblings, a splendid cousin to all of you, a remarkable nephew and an exceptionally good friend

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