Half Time

Thursday, November 26, 2009
26 November 2009 - 6 down and 3 more to go. 2 long and tiring weeks have passed and 2 more challenging weeks to face. With only 3 science subjects left, my SPM is getting more and more exiciting!

The first week was the most stressful one. BM, English and Sejarah in 2 days. I was quite satisfied with my karangan for BM but the English essay that I wrote was below satisfactory level. I felt that I have not push myself enough for that particular subject. Sejarah paper 1 was not so tough and not so easy, 10+ mistakes. Fortunately, I managed to score in my essay part for paper 2.

Second week has just ended. If Add Maths was just a piece of cake, then Mathematics was just a portion of a piece of cake. I'm sure most of you will agree with me. However, Add Maths paper 2 was not so up to standard. The questions are all jumbled up and not following the orders according to the previous years. Quite tough for the first question, tricky for some questions and confusing for most of the questions. 80% of the candidates will be wiped out mercilessly. Moral was some so-so questions and there was not much trouble for it.

That's all for the half time match for the 4-week SPM. Pray hard for the subjects that have yet to come! TQ and Good Luck~

My sister's UPSR result

Friday, November 20, 2009
20 November 2009 - Despite being busy preparing for my SPM, i decided to post this news for you viewers.

Yesterday was the UPSR result day for my sister. I did not go to her school because I was having exam on the day. My parents and some of my relatives went there. When they reached, they saw her crying. My mom's first thought was which subjects did she failed that she have to cry so badly? But then it tells everything when she showed seven of her ten fingers.

She was overjoyed for her splendid result. For me, I did not expect her to get a string of A's but her results proved me wrong. You make us proud~

Congratulations and well done!

Form 5 Farewell

Saturday, November 7, 2009
3 November 2009 - The form 5 farewell ceremony was held today. The ceremony was just as simple as I thought. With Mr Ravindran as the organizing chairman, we were provided with food and drinks to make the ceremony looks meaningful.
Representatives from various colleges and universities were invited to brief the form 5 too. For my class, we have taken lots of pictures as memories in our beloved alma mater for 5 years.

Snapshot with my monitor, Kar Heng and Swee Kwan.

We even approached and asked our respective teachers to snap a few photos with us since it was the only day we were allowed to bring camera to school.

Mr Panirchelvam, Moral teacher

Pn Nor Hamisah, my Add Maths teacher and dedicated St John teacher advisor

Pn Shaw Wanni, Sejarah teacher. Some say she talks a lot.

My class teacher, Cik Siti Noraisyah. She's quite cheerful that day.

Nothing much to post about. I have been missing nice updates in my blog for months. The farewell reminded me about the 5 years of my schooling life. It really makes me and some of my friends changed from cheerful to moody on that day although we will be having classes as usual the next day. Presenting you the few from the luckiest person who managed to grab the chance to snap a shot with me.....

Teik Sum and Joe Hang, friends since form 1

Monitor of the Year, Lee Kar Heng!

Alan Beh, one of my best friends. Quite dangerous taking photo with bear

Tan Guo Sheng, some honest people used to call him 9 zai.

And some of them were crazy about taking photos with insane post to make the situation looks even out of control. We went to the pavilion to take millions of photos. Here are some of the photos...
Preparing for war - Bing Loon saluting, Swee Kwan posting whereas Kar Heng is the main tanker
The battle of the monitors, as you can see, both Chuah and Swee Kwan were terrified!
YOU FAIL! Mourn for Chuah for his lost in the war..

The V-Rangers

They thought they are cool but they are superb cold =)

When they felt there is not enough of those photos, they decided to snap a few harmonious pictures. Don't worry, they are not gays, they are just not too straight. Most ALL the victims below were tackled by Phang Yee Lim. Haha =D

Yee Lim with 1st victim, Eon Chen

2nd victim, Chuah Teong Hui

3rd victim, 9 zai..

Lastly, with a bear

There are still millions of photos which I can't upload all due to time constrain. So I have selected a few to be in my top 3 photo of the day list, they are....

Swee Kwan demonstrated his fantastic break-dancing skills and one of his fans managed to have a snap on it

2nd As a result of his failure to impress the 'fans'











Sweet couple - Chuah has waited for this moment for the square root of 289 years!


Hope you enjoy those photos. My SPM Left: 10 days. Best of Luck to all my friends!


Some short updates:

1) Sister drew a cartoon cute version of me and for me. Really appreciate and like that.

2) Mr Tan, my tuition Add Maths teacher said he will be having a mini 'food fair' next week as the last week for him to be with us. How touching..

3) Anonymous sent a message to me and claimed that he/she is a person who care for me but refused to reveil himself/herself. This is extremely untolerable and insane. How can I text a person which I don't even know? I told him/her off and feel sorry for her last message.

4) Khoy Wan requested me to jot down the news that, she laugh non-stop when I told her I can't find my way to toilet when I was form 1. How funny ^^

5) I am getting better for the departure of my beloved cousin =)

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