6(2) Reunion Dinner

Thursday, January 14, 2010
13 January 2010 - Went to Sky Corner at Ipoh Garden East on this day. It was because on one fine day Yixin suddenly sms me and said that there will be a gathering for primary class. The last reunion I went was 2 years ago.
My first reaction was like erhm... because some friends are working whereas some went to NS so there will be less people compared to last time.
At first I can't make it due to time constrain and transport problem because 7pm was the time I went back to home after a tiring work. For me, I was quite happy cause can meet up my former classmates. Even some of the faces I've forgotten. Eat, eat, eat, drink and talk~ That's what we did there. Those who present were Me myself, Bing Loon, Sheng Rong, Lip Sin, Kar Keat, Boon Hong, Chee Kuen, Woei Hong, Hoe Nam, Yi Xin, Elynn, Pui San, Pei Kee, Tweedy, Carmen. I think that's all. Where are the rest?
That's all. Hope to see you guys and gals next gathering~


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