Starwalk 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6 June 2010 - Woke up super early on this day, actually not considered early also, just slightly earlier than schooling day. Went along with Yee Lim, Joe Hang and my younger sister. After that, we were planning to fetch Vizent along. However, he refuse to go with the excuse very tired and can't wake up. Derr, we were already talking on the phone and he still say can't wake up and very tired. Nevermind, we forgive him.

Met the Brother Bear and Haw Tung before the walk started. Then all of us went into separated ways except for Haw Tung and me. Both of us walk together till the end. Yee Lim and Joe Hang reached earlier than us as expected.. because both of them were running all the time. =_=''

The closing ceremony was held beside the Stadium Indera Mulia as it was under renovation according to the emcee. As expected, the lucky draw numbers are indeed lucky to the winners. I noticed the disappointed face of Bear when the ceremony ended. LOL


for getting 24th placing in the Mens Open category

Before the prize-giving ceremony, he showed me the 41st position cards which indicated that he was the 41st person to completed the walk. However, 17 persons ahead of him were disqualified due to certain reasons. Congratulations once again~ =)


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