Lego Fever

Saturday, December 17, 2011

This is the result of 4 hours non-stop in fixing the oriental style lego building. As life after exam is quite boring, I decided to bring this whole box of lego which was sealed from the outside from my aunt house back to my home. I am suppose to bring it back home 5 years back as my aunt was complaining that no one was playing it. 

The process of finding a tiny piece of lego in the sand of bricks was nerve-wrecking. Sometimes I spent 300 seconds just to find a particular piece but failed, and it appeared out of a sudden when I never had the intention of looking for it. It was fun to experience the same excitement during my childhood in fixing this building. 

See~~! My dad even helped me to search for the bricks I needed. I will not complete the building in merely 4 hours if I am alone without my dad's help. Now there is a new decoration for my living room during Chinese New Year and it's awesome!

I found these miserable pieces of bricks in the box too. This reminded me of the times where I used to play with my younger sister. That was during our primary school time. These pieces used to be her restaurant where the red cone-shaped bricks represent the glasses. I can't believe it is still intact. All these certainly bring back memories.


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