Hang Nee Farewell Dinner

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The company that I am currently working had a farewell dinner for me, Yee Lim and Candy on this peaceful Friday evening. This was the first time all my colleagues had the chance for dinner together. It was at Kok Thai Restaurant along Kuala Kangsar Road.

We had shark fins as appetizer (although it's not so encouraging by most) and followed by abalone. This was actually the first time I tasted the UFO-shaped abalone with its delicious gravy.

I do not have special liking for prawns but this delicacy is worth me trying. Almonds were stuffed into the prawn and the combination of both flavours was great. There were many other delicacies too~

Finally, fruits and sesame paste for dessert. It was a delicioooooous night~ =)


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