Before Departure to India

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It is saddening to leave behind everything you have since you were born and go somewhere far, real far, to pursue your dream. On the 4th September 2012, I had my Tan's family dinner at Momo Cafe. It was a wonderful and memorable dinner as majority of us was present.

Visited grandpa at the old folk’s home for the last time before going off to India. I bought some meat dumplings for him and a few people there as I will not be able to see him for quite some time.

On Friday night, I packed all my belongings for the final time. Feel sad to leave my room, my bed and my air-conditioner. I will not be staying in my house for 5 years...

I updated my Facebook and Twitter statuses and most of my friends congratulate while wishing me lucks for my journey to India. Although I feel happy as most of my friends were concerned about me, but I still find it hard to leave them behind. It is an unexplained feeling.

The next time I will be seeing Rui Xin will be Chinese New Year. She would be enrolled into primary school by then. How I hope time flies, with Godspeed.

My Yi Po (second grand-aunt) is always happy whenever I visited her or call her out. She used to bring me and my sister to old town when we were small and I still remember the moments she bought sweets and toys for us.

On Saturday morning, we went to Kao Lee Restaurant for dim sum breakfast before we departed to Petaling Jaya for a one night stay. It was heart-breaking to see them cried.

I am thinking back and I regretted my decision for applying to India. Why did I apply so far? I should just enroll into a local university instead!

We stayed at my aunt house in PJ because I will be going to LCCT the next day. So it is more convenient to stay someone near as it only takes around 45 minutes to reach LCCT from there.

After fetching Hui Ling from her apartment in Bukit Jalil, we went to 1Utama and took our dinner at Vietnam’s Kitchen. The meals there were extraordinary and the price was not as expensive as expected.

The chocolate cake was given to me by Hui Ling. <3

We arrived at LCCT the next morning on 9th September 2012. I left with a heavy heart as I couldn’t leave my friends and family behind. It was saddening to see some of them cried. I will miss them dearly… =’(


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