New Class - 4sc4

Thursday, January 17, 2008

16 January 2008 - By not choosing to enter the IT class and Acc. class, i've entered 4sc4, a new class for me with some old friends and of cause, a lot of new friends. It's noisy, i admit... the class is not as good as i think, with a lot of trouble makers in this class. Almost all the straight A's students entered 4sc1 and 4sc2, except for a few students like me who chose pure science. From the beginning of this year until now, my friends keep on asking me why i've not entered IT or Acc. class since my results are good. Well, this is the reasons i think i can answer them. First of all, IT is not something like playing online games or surfing the internet. I've tried many times designing my own webpage with the html codes and making my own games with GameMaker. Until then only I realised that studying IT is not an interesting subject that everybody thinks. Besides that, when u heard the word ACCOUNTS, u know that u don't like that right? Acc. is an extra subject for the 4sc2 students. According to my seniors and my cousins, Acc. is quite boring as it required a lot of calculation. It is not because my mathematics skills is not good but I really don't like an extra subject like maths for me in my SPM. I think thats all I can tell, hope I can cope up with my study this year because it is such a big gap from form 3 to form 4. Thanks for reading and good luck!


  1. Calvin said...:

    this seem like yesterday only. I miss the old days. If not mistaken I snapped this picture right ?

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