Broken Dreams

Monday, March 17, 2008

16 March 2008 - It was the second day for the annual First Aid and Marching Competition, since yesterday is marching competition, so today is Long and Short Case Competition. During short case, our team were blurred as the case has two casualty. Normally for a short case there will be one casualty only. Our team was not very good as the time was flying during the competition. We do not have enough time to think and react properly. At 11.50, the results were out and we, the SMI Cadet Team was unable to qualify to state level competition. Poi Lam Division managed to get 3 golds ( Marching, Long Case, Short Case), Pei Yuan, Kampar managed to get 3 bronze and SMJK Yuk Choy managed to get 2 Silver. For SMI, the adult team get nothing but Lee Kam Wah managed to get Highest Individual and our team only grabbed silver for marching and wipe out all the 3 Highest Individual. It was considered as the worst year for SMI St. John. We, the Cadet Team disappointed our trainer, Looi Hong Wei and all our supporters. Our journey ends here......
A short message from Donivald Tham, current no. 1 :
As your all know, we were not able 2 enter state level in the competition... we're truly sorry to disappoint you all who supported and guided us this far... especially our trainer, Looi hong wei... We're truly grateful for what you've done to help us... You sacrificed your time to train and guide us during school days and holidays... But what i can do to show my gratitude is just by writing this lame speech... You made us who we are today! we will never forget your hard work! THANK YOU HONG WEI!
Overall, This event gave us unforgettable memories and experience that we'll nevery forget...
Last but not Least, i hereby wish the future cadet team Gud luck!
Don't get me wrong, i'm not dieing or quiting by writing this... just want to speak my mind...


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