A Crowning Ceremony !

Sunday, April 6, 2008

5 April 2008 - Today is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for my school's St John Ambulance. The AGM starts at 8.00am but i woke up early in the morning because this would be the last meeting for me as a member. The day before AGM I was told by the previous Head Of Operation that i will be selected for a post in the AGM. The AGM is about the activities or functions held during the term 2007/2008. The climax of the meeting is 'handover'. That means the current board of exco will pass their post to the next list of exco who were in form 4. First, the AGM started with the Minutes Of Previous AGM, followed by report from Storekeeper, Treasurer, Secretary of Report, Secretary of Duty, Head of Training, Head of Operation and teacher advisor. Then the AGM has a pormotion for the form 3 members who were active. C/Pvt Tham Kam Loy and C/Pvt Teoh Jia Heng were promoted to C/L/CPL. Finally it was the handover time. Storekeeper A/L/CPL Yang Jin Wei passed his post to his succesor C/Pvt Lim Kin Ho. A round of applause could be heard from the members. Next it was the treasurer's time, A/L/CPL Alexander Leo Morris said that the job of the treasurer is not easy. One need to manage accounts and reports for any expenses of profits. Finally, he passed his post to his succesor A/Pvt Chen Chee Zheon. Later on, A/SGT H'ng Yee Kheng stated that there will be a new post for this year that is the Assistant Secretary post. He turn us into confusion as who will be the one taking this special post? Without wasting much time, he announce the person who will be getting this post that is C/Pvt Wong Yoong Xiang. Then, it was the Secretary of Duty's time, A/CPL Lee Kam Wah said that the job of SOD is quite challenging because one needs to receive duty from officer the day before the duty. So it was very little time to inform members about the duty. Finally, he passed his post to his succesor C/L/CPL Fong Teik Sum. It was another round of applause from the members and the exco. Later, it was the Secretary of Report's time. A/CPL Lingeshrao stated that being a secretary is not easy because he is the person who done most of the filing and letters work. He also advice the next person who will be taking his post be serious all the time. Finally, he passed his post to his succesor C/Pvt Tan Tek Ming, that was me myself. Next it was the Head of Training's time, A/SGT Looi Hong Wei said that being linear to the members does not work out because the members have no respect for the exco and the current cadet team who did not qualified to state-level competition proves that his method of handling the members is wrong. He urged that the next HOT must not be like him. Without saying much, he passed his post to his succesor C/Pvt Wong Joe Hang. Finally, it was the Head of Operation's time. A/SGT H'ng Yee Kheng said that the job of a HOO is a very difficult task and one must be excellent in handling situation. HOO can be said as the president of the uniform unit and must take care of the welfare of the members and the exco. After that, he passed his post to his succesor C/Pvt Kisor. Later on, it was the short speech from the new HOT and HOO. C/SGT Kisor thanks the teacher advisor, exco, and members for their trust. He also said that he will not betrayed their trust by doing the job as a Head of Operation the right way. After that, C/SGT Wong walk out from the hall and call for fall-in. C/SGT Kisor stated that the time is 12.20 and the members are divided into 4 groups to walk across the Ipoh Padang and to take their lunch at Momo Cafe, that is opposite our school. All the members had a fun time enjoying the delicious Black Pepper Chicken Chop and Mushroom Sauce Checken Chop. After the lunch, all the members walked back to the school. By 1.40, C/SGT Wong dismissed the members. It was another year of glory of St John Ambulance of St Michael's Institution's Annual General Meeting.






  1. Alson Beh said...:

    wah... so gud u b cum SMI SJAM Exco

  1. Anonymous said...:
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  1. Reeve said...:

    Hi, good to see that the division is still running and doing quite well. Hopefully the current EXCO will keep up the good work.

    Wen How, 2002/03 - HOT

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