Final Year Examination

Sunday, October 19, 2008

18 October 2008 - It has been two weeks for my final year examination, a long and tiring two weeks. That means my journey for year 2008 is almost end, but the game is not over yet. This indicated the start of something new in year 2009 and more challenges ahead. Frankly speaking, my study for this year is not as good as expected. I even failed my Chemistry on August Monthly Test. For this final year examination, 'average' is what I can give for the overall exam. I have no problem for my English and Bahasa Melayu but i faces difficulties for boring and uninteresting subjects such as Sejarah, Chemistry and Physics. After Mr Thong left us in May this year, my Additional Mathematics level dropped. I had to depends on my tuition and hard work to study as Mr Woon is teaching too fast and the combined class is too noisy. For Physics, you can ask any of my classmates whether the teacher is a good teacher or not. My Modern Mathematics, Bahasa Melayu and English are safe for now. Just hope that my results for this time will be better compared to last time, and no fail(s) please...
(I'll attach my results when it's out)


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