SMI Co-curriculum Day 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008
23 October 2008 - Today was the annual Co-curriculum Day for my school. Varieties of uniformed unit, clubs and societies were displaying and presenting the uniqueness of their respective extramural activities. Class 3A9 was selected for the St John Ambulance. We had around an hour to prepare before the students started walking in at 9.00am. We divided the room into a few sections, mainly Simple Bandaging, CPR, Choking, Achievements, Theory, Photo Gallery and Case.

My team which consists of Donivald Tham, Lim Kin Ho, Teoh Jia Heng and me myself demonstrated around 5 to 8 short cases for the sea of spectators. We were not good for the cases mainly because we were lacking of training. Oh yea, Kin Ho and Hong Tat were in charged for first aid kit presentation too, here is the photo:

From what I can see today, the Chinese Language Society (CLS) did a very good job. They managed to equip their class with loads of stuff. Lanterns were hung inside the class, chinese calligraphy was placed outside the class with newspapers to allow other students to get their hands on. They even make 'tang yuan' and sold for RM1.00 per cup. Splendid! The Michaelian Military Band (MMB) displayed their precious instruments in Class 3A5 too. The instruments were put on the tables and brief explanation about them were printed out. They band members had their performance at approximately 11.00am. Well Done!

P.S: I did not take any photos during the Co-curriculum Day mainly because to show a good example for juniors by not playing with handphones.


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