Mission - Failed

Saturday, February 14, 2009
14 February 2009 - Finally, I have done my first oral assessment for English! The assessment was assessed by Cik Siti Noraisyah. It was special and deserved to be posted on my blog because it was a group work. Together with Alan Beh, Vincent Tang and Soon Zheng Foong, I have to admit that we did not show the 120% of ourselves. The starting part was quite satisfactory if I were to exclude Zheng Foong's tiny voice. But when it came to the middle part of the conversation, we screwed it up! With no coordination among ourselves, I can't imagine what kind of presentation that we were showing to the class compared to Teik Sum's group.

Their group managed to memorize and present their assessment spontaneously and fluently. As to my group, we still need to depends on cue-cuts. I were to be blamed. I could not lead my friends well and this makes me feel like a defeat in the assessment. Maybe some of you will think that it is just an oral, what is so special about it? Just finish it fast and get back to your seat. NO, it represented us! Our ability to conduct and present it well reflects our reputation. Just felt uneasy and unsatisfied. After all the practices and saying...

Overall: 29/30


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