March Test 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

5 March 2009 - I am alive, after the whole week struggling for exam and revising without heart beat. That is basically what exam can do to me. The overall results? Well, yet to know. But this exam really tested my skills although it did not follow the exam format. Comments:

Bahasa Melayu (BM)- Difficulty: 3/10. Expected Marks: 70/100
The BM paper was quite easy to go through as it did not came out exactly like the SPM paper. With only an essay and a few subjective questions, I would tell honestly that it did not meet up the standard I expected. Who was the teacher who prepare it? hmm..
Sejarah- Difficulty: 7/10. Expected Marks: 60/100
Sejarah paper was difficult as usual. With loads of facts to remember and stuff in the eleventh hour, I will not expect to get a good result out of it. Buck up!
English- Difficulty: 2/10. Expected Marks: 75/100
15 small kids objective questions and a few kindergarten subjective question? No comments..
Mathematics- Difficulty: 5/10. Expected Marks: 75/100
Mathematics is as tricky as u do. Facing with just a few minor problems, I will expect my marks to get at least an A2. At least those are just simple questions compared to SPM. It was like a sleeping lion just waiting for you to shoot. One shot, bingo. Once miss, Merry Christmas!
Physics- Difficulty: 2/10. Expected Marks: 80/100
With only Form 5 chaper 1 in test, what can I say? I will be sorry for myself if I did not get the marks I expected.
Additional Mathematics- Difficulty: 8/10. Expected Marks: 90/100
I admit it was a very challenging and difficult paper of all ages. Thanks for my tution teacher(<- read, not school teacher), I managed to cope with all the SPM-type questions. I was expecting a perfect score for that particular paper. Chemistry- Difficulty: 10/10. Expected Marks: 40/100
Definitely, it was not the best among the rest, but a pest among the rest. It ruined my exam mood (crying). I was expecting it to be focusing on Form 5 chapter 1, but the paper set by Pn. Thevanei denied it. I feel gutted with myself...
Biology- Difficulty: 7/10. Expected Marks: 60/100
Alas, I did not expect it to be so tricky and headache. Maybe it was the weather, or maybe it was me. Nobody were to blame for it except for myself. Buck up and hunt down the A next time!
Pendidikan Moral- Difficulty: 4/10. Expected Marks: 70/100
It is not a problem when I can memorize all the nilai for this paper. But it is a problem when I can't do so. I did not manage to memorize the 36 nilai altogether. With 3 out of 4 questions that I know, 70 marks is what I expecting.


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