Holidays = Holy Days

Sunday, June 14, 2009
14 June 2009 - The last day of the 2-week break from school. I had attended 2 camps namely the Universal Camp III and SMI Annual NCO Camp. 8 days passed for both camps. The only day to relax with my friends was the first Friday which we managed to hang out at Ipoh Parade. Get a life man. Revision was not done much too!

Holidays homework? Just a few pages from a few subjects. Haiz.. Almost spent all my free time online and surfing the web. Busy chatting with friends. Met freaking lots of new friends from the Universal Camp. All talkative and like to say nonsense.. =.=''

Have to start revising after the holidays. That means I will be less online and joke around with friends. Haiz.. Really no life..


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