Universal Camp III

Saturday, June 6, 2009
The Universe
5 June 2009 - I went for the Universal Camp III jointly organized by the St John Ambulance of my division and a few other divisions. The 4 days 3 nights camp at SMJK Yuk Choy (SUWA), Jelapang started from 31 May to 3 June. Approximately 140 members joining and if including the committee members, there were around 200.
All Members Fall In
I have nothing much to do in that camp as I was the secretary. First day was a big rush. 5 hours before the registration at 1pm, I had to rush for the makings of the campers' nametags as the officer likes last-minute work.
Tents Were Being Set Up
Second day, rushing for certificates, so many errors from the list given and until the end of the camp, the certificates were yet to be done. DAMN IT!

SMI Performance - Singing 'Here In My Home'

From the feedbacks from the members, it was indeed boring for the programs or games carried out. The members were complaining about how boring the games were. The RM75 was not worth it, what the hell?!? They even have the golden opportunity to slumber at the tents for their nights. And what they said was too many mosquito and too hot. Go sleep in the hotels VIPs!

Program Leader - Tai Zhen Yeik

We had jungle trekking for the Outdoor Pursuit badge on the second day. It was a very very fun and unusual experience for me. We came across obstacles and slides which requires robe to climb through. Wasted much time there.

Sweet 'Couples' - Ivy and Joe Hang

Thanks for the scout which led us to the wrong path, the whole group which I was following stepped through a muddy place and our lower limbs almost sank into the soft ground. The scout really deserve a certificate of excellent with a 5 star gold stamp on it.

Mr Lau and Sir Leong Kar Heng

Mr Lau Kok Weng. A very supportive teacher advisor from SMJK Yuk Choy (SUWA). He granted me permission to print all the 200+ certificates using his Canon™ colour printer. WOW! I don't know how to describe, but he is really really kind. Maybe it was due to the no-officer or lack of supportive teacher advisor for my school's St John Ambulance.

Closing ceremony. I was appointed as the emcee/ master of ceremony. I was informed on the eleventh hour and I don't have much preparation. Luckily I managed to gone through it without much trouble.

Presenting Sourvenir to The Superb Magician

Overall, this camp lacked of planning and cooperation between the committees. However, new friendships were made and the bonds between divisions were strengthen. That's the one and only thing we treasured the most.

Camp Commander - Looi Hong Wei

Teh Sek Kit and 'His Girl'

(Left) Camp Commander's Crush and (Right) Donivald's Friend

Medical Leader, Wong Ee Ling - ARGHHHHHH!,cute girl!!

Universal Camp III

Joining People From the Universal


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