Chris Chow Birthday Bash

Thursday, September 9, 2010

9 September 2010 - Celebrated Chris 18th birthday at Yee Lim's house last Sunday, an enjoyable start for the long weeks of school holidays. We had our bbq session around 7pm when everyone was there. Too bad Alson Bear couldn't make it because he went to Pangkor Island for some kinda prayers session?


The superstars of the day - Kar Heng and Xinh Guan. Both of them brought their guitars and dedicated some nice songs to all of us including their hit song - Somewhere Over The Rainbow. At first it was the traditional birthday song. Then they manipulated it to some funny lyrics, creatively thanks to Kar Heng~


Later on, Yee Lim and Chris joined them and 'demonstrated' their guitar skills. Picture above clearly displayed the 4 of them and their supporters:

Sze Ngou, Natalie, Eon Chen, Olivia, 
Vizent, Kin Ho, Boon Hong, Joe Hang, 
Pui San, Esther, and last but not least, 
Leon and his Soul Crew

Chicken wings, sausages, meat balls, etc. These were not the only foods that filled our empty stomachs that night. The presents and birthday cake were presented after everyone has settled down.


As usual, we have the strong faith in upholding the Michaelian tradition. However, besides the usual tradition, there's a new tradition which...... Geez, where's the video?
It was a splendid night of bbq accompanied by the harmonious melody of the guitars. The only imperfection was Kin Ho. He did not talk much with us and was eating from the beginning till the end of the celebration. =(


Ooops, before i forget...



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