Let's Get Wet

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

20 December 2010 - Just days before Christmas, I went to Kledang Hill in Menglembu with some of my friends for hiking. The photo above was shot when we reached the garden, half way till the peak of the hill. 6 of us including Haw Tung were there. He went home early to fetch someone I think.

The name of this event in Facebook was funny:
at menglembu hill of couse is hiking la! if not? got there bath mea? ==!
creatively created by Yee Lim~ 

From the moment we arrived, the sky turned cloudy and drizzle. As we were walking, the rain getting heavier and heavier. The whole journey turned out to be a raining-hiking experience for all of us. 

I heard a very hilarious word from Haw Tung during the journey... Yee Wing Hoe aka Iceman as most of the people called him, is Yee Lim's classmate. Haw Tung address him as 'Icy Gor Gor' during our break at one of the resting place. Hahahahahahahahaha~ ^^


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