December KL Trip

Monday, December 13, 2010
11 December 2010 - Went for a 2-day trip in KL with my family. Basically just hunting for clothes and foods, not me, but my mom and sisters~ ^^

Went to Thai Thai Restaurant for lunch when we arrived Sunway Pyramid. My pineapple shrimp rice was nice but the amount was quite little for me. LOL. The price there also not cheap~

Not to mention the condition there. The lighting perfectly suits the environment with some simple Thai touch.

This is the decorations outside the pyramid. Quite simple but at least better than Ipoh. Santas could be seen anywhere in the town~

I spotted this dooodolls stickers in MPH. There are some dooodolls for sale too but quite expensive for poor boy like me to afford~

Domo keychain for phones! I lost my domo on the second day after i bought it. T_T

At last but not least, I saw JOE at 1Utama. He was wearing the orange S&J shirt. I don't know what is he doing, he keep walking up and down through the escalators. He even ignored me when I called him =_=!

Note: S&J is the abbreviated form for Shan&Joe ^^


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