Happy 19th Birthday

Sunday, July 10, 2011
I always considered myself as one lucky guy on earth. Surrounded with friends wherever I go and back to the warmth of my home everyday, I have no regrets in life. When i woke up early in the morning, I saw a figure walking towards me and dropped something which appeared to be a present on my bed. The figure was none other than my elder sister. My phone beside me flashed with 7 messages. I read all the 7 and of course the first was from my dearest. While I was bathing, it's so random that I suddenly thought of Donivald. I remembered he was the first to call and wish me on phone right at 12 midnight few years back. I was rather disappointed to know that none of the 7 messages is him. However, when I checked my Maxis phone, the one and only message was him.

My awesome birthday started off when I reached prefect's HQ at 7.00am. Tihn Chern announced my birthday to everyone and the birthday song was sung for once. I never had the chance to stand in the middle and let everyone admire last year because I was late. So it's quite amazing to boost up my mood on that day. Comm. meeting after that. My fellow comm. members sang the song again. It reminds me of last year where Tzen Shoong's birthday was just a few days before mine. So many things slipped past my mind that day. I wonder how would ISUC be after AGM.....

Just before school ends, my awesome classmates gave me a birthday card with a domo face as the cover. It's a tradition that the birthday boy will receive a card from the class. Birthday song was sung once again. To be frank I really appreciate all the wishes which my classmates wrote for me and I can't seem to find a suitable word to express my gratitude.

Not long after that, my fellow friends from other classes joined too. They bought me a cake and the song was sung for the 4th time. It was really a moment that is impossible for me to forget. The red adidas shirt was from my elder sister, green nike from my parents whereas the lime northern rock was from my 5 close friends - Yee Lim, Bear, Chris Chow, Vincent and Haw Tung.

Went to parade to meet up with my younger sister and she gave me a mug. Thank you to the 247 friends who wished me on facebook. I replied to each and every post without the 'copy and paste' function. Thanks Xin Yan for being an awesome friend of mine since form 1.

Above all, I still like the pig and swimming pants by someone special 


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