Sports Day with USS4

Saturday, July 30, 2011
Sports Day this year was held on 23rd July, long after the scheduled April. Besides the must-have sport events, I personally love the tradition of having march past for each and every class under the roof.

The lower six this year was lucky to have participated as I don't have the chance last year since sports day was over when I enrolled into lower six. Hopes were high for my class as we are aiming to be the best marching class in the form. Challenges such as to complete the march past within 2 minutes and the lack of time to practice during school hours definitely make us headache.

Nevertheless, we practiced with our own initiatives for 2 days after school and we managed to synchronize the timing which turn out to be the best in the form. Credits to Geston and Chau Yeong for designing and making the class tee for us. Special thanks also to my class one and only commander, Kar Heng and the formation planner, Zi Xuan.

The atmosphere during sports day is filled with energy every year. Cheers and yells could be heard from any part in the school. We were practicing for more than 5 times on that day I suppose. Before the real march past, we even went to the food court to quench our thirst.

As form 6 are the ones who will be marching lastly. We waited for quite a long time and just few classes before us, it started drizzling. It keeps getting heavier and for a short period of time, it stopped but not completely, so we went on with our marching. Thank god when we are doing our formation, the rain was not heavy and we managed to complete our formation successfully.

With the blessing of God and everyone, we emerged as FIRST RUNNER UP! It was still better than nothing after all. To be frank I really appreciate the time with my dear USS4 classmates outside the classroom:

Xinh Guan, Sandra, Kar Heng, Zi Xuan, Mark, Hui Ling
Chau Yeong, Hoe Ching, Sheau Miin, Jia Poh, Carmen
Jegendran, Kelvinder, Vikneesh, Yogamalar, Yammini,
Yee Mei, Khee Soon, Ern Theng
Geston, Woei Hong, Si Ling, Dina, Sai Yeng,
Pooi Yan, Xiao Hui, Hana



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