My 20th Birthday!

Monday, July 9, 2012
Photo taken and edited by Vizent  -

Celebrated my birthday at few places this year. One of it was at Yeolde English after my last day of work at Kenny Rogers. I was quite surprise because the cake that my friends bought was an iPhone shaped cake!

Superb isn't it? The celebration started at 12.00 midnight which was the beginning of my birthday. On the same day, I had movie with huiling and we watch Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. It was quite a touching and awesome movie although I did not watch the previous episodes. Later at night, my family along with my relatives went to Black Canyon for dinner. ^^

Deliciously-served Thai food along with refreshing beverages definitely made my day! Since my elder sister's birthday falls on the next day, we celebrate on the same day every year. 

Finally, the person who actually celebrated my birthday the earliest was~~

TA-DAAA! <3 


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