Nike Phang 20th Birthday!

Monday, July 23, 2012

It was Nike Phang birthday on 24th July this year! Since most of us were not in Ipoh on that day, we decided to celebrate it 2 days before, that is a Sunday. After much consideration, we have chosen Nando's in Aeon, Station 18 as the venue of our plan and kept it secret from the birthday guy. 

We arrived half an hour earlier before him and he thought it was only another normal yumcha session.

He was quite surprised because he did not realise it was a planned birthday celebration for him. After our deliciously-spicy peri-peri lunch, the cake was presented! We bought him a blue Nike tee shirt and a lovely Angry Bird cake.

When we ask him to cut the cake, he actually removed the chocolate sticks first, which resulted the fierce and angry face of the cake to become...


It was freaking hilarious and a day to be remembered~ =)


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