Mangalore Galore

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Finally, the major block exam is over, and it is time to escape from the ever hectic life in Manipal! =D

My friends and I headed to Mangalore, a huge city which is approximately 65km from Manipal on this lovely Saturday afternoon. We took a bus which cost us rs80 (RM 4.80) to travel with the intention of watching some new released movies such as Twilight - Breaking Dawn or Skyfall. 

Unfortunately, the time for the showings are either too early or too late.. =(

We reached Mangalore around 3pm and arrived at one of the busy street there. The first mall we entered was Bharath Mall. 

It was a tiny mall where you can see the other end from the entrance. Not much outlets were there, its kinda like Giant or Carrefour in Malaysia but its much more smaller. Nevertheless, we felt excited as this is the first time we actually entered a shopping complex since we came to India!

After getting bored of the mall, we went to another big shopping mall known as City Centre mall. They actually have outlets same like those in Malaysia such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Pizza Hut and KFC.

The only restaurant that we are dying for is McDonalds.  We went hunting for McDonalds in Mangalore as one of the locals told us that the restaurant actually exists there. After searching through each and every corner, we realized it is actually a rumour...

We had our simple lunch there and after walking for hours, we departed back to Manipal around 7pm and reached 2 hours later. We were all exhausted!

We saw many of our course mates there too, as if all of us made an appointment to meet at the same mall, haha.

Although we did not visit much places, but it is still an enjoyable trip. The feeling of spending time walking and chatting without much study pressure, too awesome that words simply could not define it~~ >_<


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