Hosavarushada Shubashaya

Thursday, January 3, 2013

It is the beginning of 2013 and I am glad to survive the so called 'end of the world' =)

Few days back a friend of mine asked me when is my free time. I was stumbled upon the word and it took me few seconds to realise that free time is not in my dictionary anymore. The only free time I have is
1) When I am sleeping
2) While having meals
3) When I am daydreaming while studying

As a medical student, I have to constantly keep up the pace and to survive the class tests week by week is definitely not an easy task. As you can see I do not even have the time to update my blog and to edit my wonderful pictures. So from today onwards, I shall continue with my post without beautifying it with tons of lovely photos in order to resuscitate my blog.

Wishing everyone Happy New Year and have a great start of the year~

Hosavarushada Shubashaya
(it means happy new year in Kannada language)


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